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  1. cygnet New Member

    "Druid - Removed all ranks of Peaceful Spirit of the Wood and Peaceful Convergence of Spirits. The standard (non-peaceful) versions of these abilities have been changed to trigger an additional blockable damage shield buff named Spiritwood Spikes."

    Ridiculous, another useless update for Druids. The only reason I use Peaceful is when I don't want spikes on people for certain NDT events or events where I'm not too sure if spikes will have a negative impact....so now everyone has to block this additional Spikes spell instead. Since Peaceful and SOTW are on the same timer it was just use one or other. Seems that this isn't thought out too well.
  2. Karhar Augur

    I don't have a warrior to test this with, but currently cleric third spire and warrior third spire doesnt stack and overwrites warriors. Was this addressed in this test update with spire changes?
  3. Fanra Augur

    To follow up on this, on very tough raids I might MGB this to give a (very) little bonus to the raid. While I feel it is barely worthwhile due to the small amount of heal/damage, it was an extra little thing we could do.

    Now we can't use it on any raid where there is a possibility that a damage shield would cause issues. Asking 54 others to block something that is rarely used is a great deal to ask, especially for those who's blocked buff ability is at its maximum (no more buffs can be blocked).

    Anyone who actually raids with any guild other than the "uber" guilds, which micromanage their members and force them to extremely tough standards, would also find it near impossible to get everyone to block the Spikes.

    Also, assuming you manage the Herculean task of getting everyone to block it, it means that when you want to have Spikes, you can't because everyone has blocked it.

    I can't see the reason for removing a druid ability other than an obsessive desire to "simplify" the code at the expense of the players. Or maybe not the code but the AA list or druid choices, because adding more code for the Spike buff kind of defeats a code reason.
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  4. Tucoh Augur

    Love the new Elemental Form for mages. Would love it even more if Elemental Flames was changed to use SPA507 instead of SPA124. Unless I'm wrong it shouldn't improve it, just make it so it's not outclassed by Flames of Power / Heart of Flames and competing with Bard's Aura of Begalru.
  5. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Peaceful SotW and CoS were dumb AAs that never should’ve been added in the first place, I’m glad they’re being removed.

    The number of encounters where DSes are bad can probably be counted on hands and toes across 26 expansions. Not every AA needs to be useful in every situation.

    The reason they’re simplifying is they have a limited number of AA slots and the Peaceful AAs were occupying 2 slots and having very minimal utility over the normal versions of them. I would much rather get a new AA that’s a merged ice debuff AA or a mana recovery AA or a merged empathy DoT AA etc with the slots that removing Peacefuls open up.

    Just accept that you can’t use the abilities if you find yourself on an event where 280 DS is causing failures.
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  6. Tiqou Elder

    Looks like the 1st spire is not working for ENC
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  7. Dahaman Augur

    Please be careful here.

    Consolidating Two-Handed Bash is a +6 "AA Tax" on large races for the improved bash AAs. Forcing large races to spend 6 AA (that give absolutely nothing) just to open up the other bash AAs is bad form. This is reminiscent of burying Pet Group Buffs under two other AA purchases that added a +8 AA Tax to get group buffs for pets. Instead of the egregiously expensive (for the time) 12 AA cost it initially was, it now costs 20 AAs to get pet group buffs. This is not a good precedent or good continuing direction.

    A potential solution is to simply give two-handed bash to all races (level limit to the required level of the current two-handed bash AA if desired).

    The philosophy of level locking some consolidated AA abilities might more easily help to reduce a few AA lines. At the very least, it would be an additional tool in the tool bag.


    Note: if large races getting two-handed bash for free isn't intentional (via the Slam ability), then this is a bug that might need to be fixed.
  8. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Slam =/= Bash

    They are two different abilities. Both deal damage and both have the ability to stun, but they are not the same. The merger shouldn’t factor in Slam at all.
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  9. roth Augur

    I know we’ve had Scout’s Weapon Mastery for a while now, but ...

    Rangers aren’t really scouts. If you look at the Kelethin guild halls, Rogues are the scouts. Rangers are something else.
  10. Dahaman Augur

    Agreed. That's why I said "if" and called it a bug (which I think is a very low probability).

    If large races getting the ability to bash with a two handed weapon at level 1 is intentional, then requiring them to pay 6 AA for the ability to bash with a two handed weapon is wholly redundant.

    That's the issue I was bringing up.
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  11. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Large races aren’t getting the ability to bash with a two handed weapon at level 1.

    They get the innate racial ability to slam with their shoulder. Did you know that slamming a ghoul or willowisp with a non-magic shoulder item results in an invulnerable message? Whereas once you get a magical shoulder item it will hit.

    You will not be required to spend any AAs to continue using the slam button.
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  12. Dahaman Augur

    Now you have me wondering...

    I have not used Slam on my troll SK on Coirnav. I have used one handed weapons a lot more than typical though. Perhaps I've used them enough to fool myself. And since level 61, /autoskill has been set to bash and I haven't had to actually press that button.

    I'll definitely double check. If I'm wrong, then my concern is mostly moot and I have a bash AA to buy!

    Thanks for the reply!
  13. Dzarn Developer

    Thanks for the report, this should be fixed internally now.
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  14. yepmetoo Augur

    He's correct. 2h bash was a knight AA, they were the only classes that could do it for awhile. It originated with paladin fiery defender, before AA existed, a 2h weapon you could bash with.
  15. xmPradah Augur

    I dunno, I think if you're drunk and dying - you should be stuck and not able to cast spells!
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  16. Wulfhere Augur

    It's been many years since slam and bash were separated as skills. Long ago slam and bash used the same skill and raised the same skills. No longer.

    A large race slam does not raise bash skill or do bash damage. Nor the reverse.
  17. divirgmar Lorekeeper

    I signed up for Beta.
    I did /beta to copy my char.
    It was copied and I then boosted to 115 accidentally, it wa suggested that I delete the char and re/beta the main to get it copied over again.
    Other players have doen this, no problem
    I did this over a month ago, and re /beta'd my main every so often and still have not been copied over.
    I would liekot get some beta time in please on my main before its too late?
    So I need to /beta my main again? if so, this wil be the 6th time I think. I havent been doing it every day, because- out of respect for you guys.
    My Character is Manouk, on Firiona Vie Server.
  18. Dahaman Augur

    For posterity, my level 68 SK on Coirnav was indeed able to "bash" (text line verbiage) using a two handed weapon without the two handed bash AA. This was using the epic 1.5 if that makes a difference and the /autoskill bash setting.

    I didn't check that many hits, but I only saw 1pt damage hits. That certainly doesn't sound like it is using the Bash skill (which is max for level 68) to calculate the damage. That sounds like Slam damage values, but I can't confirm it.

    I went ahead and bought the Two Handed Bash AA after the check (as it was going to be required with the next patch anyways). I forgot to check to see if the damage upgraded or not as a result. Doh!
  19. Hinastorm86 Augur

    Do any of these consolidations effect pre level 70 TLP's in a meaningful way? Out of curiousity.
  20. eqgamer Augur

    Hmm. May be time to wake my wiz from his 2-year long nap.

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