Test Update 06/11/2019 - New Bugs Only

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. EQ Dev Developer

    This thread is for new bugs and how to reproduce them only. Please keep all opinions, discussions, posts about balance, and anything else in the other thread.
    Patch notes and discussions thread
  2. Gherig Augur

    The vendors in Guild Lobby no longer have soulstones for sale to summon your corpses to lobby. Confirmed a few other people cant see any also.
  3. Silverstone Journeyman

    The bandolier is still bugged. Only some items can be hot buttoned. I have tried deleting them all and making new bandolier slots, this did not work either. Only a few weapons can now be hot buttoned through the bandolier.
  4. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Looking into this. i checked beta and it's fine, so poking around some. I was the last person to touch this.
    Dzarn helped me find my silly bug on this. (It was a very silly bug)
    This is fixed for live. Unfortunately test may be stuck without this until the true-up.

    Thank you for the report Gherig
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  5. Blastoff Elder

    Not a new bug but...it's possible to receive two experience gaining rezzes from a single corpse. If you die in a collapsing pick, the corpse appears in both main pick and the collapsing pick. After a player takes their rezzes in the collapsing pick they are free to go take another round of xp rezzes in main pick for a massive xp gain.
  6. niente Developer

    Can you give some more details - what items are you trying to use that don't work, and what are you trying to do exactly
  7. Bottle Journeyman

    TBM: Grannus Quest: Grannus is always in a kind of super regenerate mode from the start if a Level 85 crew tries to beat him. No adds killed btw. No scratch possible even with burn.
  8. Sancus Augur

    Was it intended to push to test changes to how fire pets cast spells? I'll post tuning feedback in the other thread, but I want to make sure that the lack of a patch note, and specifically the decreased rate at which they now cast, isn't a bug.
  9. Silverstone Journeyman

    I pull my bandolier up, I put the weapons on and name that slot. Example.. Swordandboard. I then hit hot button and it gives me an error message about being unable to create the button. The weapons it won't hot button so far. Fabled willsapper, hammer of the war machine and darkened tash stick from hh seb.

    I hit hot button key in the bandolier.
  10. svann Augur

    Do you maybe have all 10 macro pages filled?
  11. Silverstone Journeyman

    No, not all filled. I even deleted some bandolier hotkeys thinking it was maybe something wrong with the slot. I reordered them and the same weapons I listed still can't be hot buttoned.
  12. Bottle Journeyman

    HoT: Thornbustle Raid: Chest is not spawning properly. 5 runs and only 1 chest after killing Thornbustle last time. Today we tried again and the first run was again - no chest -.
  13. Gherig Augur

    There is a Hyper Link missing in the task dialogue with Wrakt. After you say [value] there should be a Hyper Link at "[do] you not"? ... in The First Pilgrimage task he gives in Pillars of Alra.

  14. Ssdar Augur

    Small bug with the changes to percentage labels:
    For melee classes without mana, if the mana percentage label (<EQType>20</EQType>) is used somewhere in the UI, it now displays "-nan(ind)", where previously it would display "0".
  15. SaffronYellowLotus Journeyman

    Shaman AA Pact of The Wolf is not updating buff after you advance the AA. I am stuck with Pact of the Wolf VIII despite being 11/13 where it should be XI. I stopped putting AA into this for now since it seems to do nothing. Clicking off the buff, logging, zoning, making a new button,.. nothing gets this to update.

    Edit: found a solution that works but is annoying. Shift-A window, remove it and the aura from the aura window. Would be great if it auto updated.
  16. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    that's not a bug, that's a function of it being made an aura a while back. you have to remove the old aura before you can cast a new one. since we can only maintain a single aura at a time it won't even let you cast it to have a possibility of overwriting.

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