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  1. EQ Dev Augur

    This thread is for new bugs and how to reproduce them only. Please keep all opinions, discussions, posts about balance, and anything else in the other thread.
    Discussion Thread
  2. Bfourd New Member

    Level 25 Hotzone quest description from Franklin Teek asking to kill "Kobold Highlor". Killed all types of Kobolds in Stonebrunt Mountains, but did not get any credit towards the quest.
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  3. Rubiota New Member

    Larsaki in Natimbi is broken on test. For the lizardscale plated girdle quest linked below, she does not accept the final hand in. Fortunately she returns it rather than eating but she's been ignoring the combined box of materials for a week at least now (before last server reset) but not broken for the last month because I did it successfully on a different character a month or so ago. I think it was after new years. Last night I tried spawning an instance from the agent of change and she still didn't accept the final turnin.

  4. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    This quest is different depending on your class. Casters (int caster and healer) get one quest, everyone else another. Casters go to Lienni not Larsaki
    (I could not reproduce a bug when I used the correct NPC for my Player Class. Tested both caster and non-caster)
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  5. Angahran Augur

    The new guild window is counting alts or offline characters even when you select to filter those out.
    e.g. if you set the window to show 20 characters it will only actually show 20 if you show offline and show alts.

    It should be counting AFTER applying the filters.
    So, if you hide alts, it would show 20 characters, not including alts.
    If you hide offline, it would show 20 online characters.
    If you hide alts and offline it would show 20 online, non-alt characters.

    Also, it needs to a) remember what you set it to and b) automatically refresh if people zone or log in or log out.
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  6. Rubiota New Member

    Thanks. Apparently it was a faction issue. Somehow monk is scowling and that's why she wouldn't accept the turnin. I honestly hadn't considered that as an issue as she gave me the box fine. Sneaking behind her and I have a girdle now. Still need to finish collecting in vxed before I turnin with warrior and I'm not sure the plan if she's kos too but will have to figure something out
  7. Drakah Lorekeeper

    The window needs to Default to Show "All" and save this setting as per setting in the UI INI file.
    I have temporarily adjusted this in my custom UI by editing the dropdown list editing "100" to "All" so that each login will show "All", since it defaults currently to the 3rd item in the dropdown list.
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  8. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    LOL, wut?
    Thanks for sharing - if that's true, then this is in itself a bug, defaulting to the n-th drop-down-selection box entry instead of some string/value...
    Kind of.. erm.. "creative" coding there.
  9. Khat_Nip Augur

    I just put the pre-patched Guild Manager window in my custom UI folder so I don't have to bother with the settings until they fix it.
  10. kyong Elder

    Rogue Bugs -

    Envenomed blades ranks 27-29 not extending for some extra time like rank 26 and below
    Rogues Fury - I think this disc not getting it's full time duration at highest rank. SHould be 2 minutes.
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  11. Hurrikane New Member

    The monk Disc Magnanimous Force litteraly shoots mobs straight up in the air and then they come down and still have agro.
  12. Daedly Augur

    I am unable to check for sure as I cant parse hate, but it seems as though when berserker decapitation attempts to hit a mob that is above its level range and gives the message saying something about "nearly a decapitating blow" that I receiving the hate as if it had actually landed. I am seeing large jumps in my aggro at the same time I am seeing decap trying to fire.

    Could someone check to make sure that this isn't some how happening?
  13. Daedly Augur

    I cant edit my above post, this is in the wrong spot, please delete
  14. Kase New Member

    I have a non heroic 110 Barb Beastlord on Luclin. Using origin sends him to Qeynos instead of Halas, if it works, which is about 50% of the time. Sometimes it just locks the game and then crashes. A /char shows him bound in Qeynos( never had him bound there), he was born in Halas. The alts I have on same account do not have this issue.
  15. Ginormus New Member

    The new command to output file for known TS recipes:
    - Does not allow to chose the folder where the file is produced.
    - For some TS (like Fishing), allows to change the file name, for some others (like Alchemy), does not allow to change the file name... odd.

    Example, this is my command. First two lines work fine, third does not.

    /pause 10, /outputfile inventory c:\temp\Ginormus-Inventory.txt
    /pause 10, /outputfile guildbank c:\temp\SOD-Inventory.txt
    /pause 10, /outputfile recipes Alchemy c:\temp\Ginormus-Alchemy.txt
  16. Ginormus New Member

  17. CatsPaws Augur

    Not sure this is a new bug since there are postings of same issue from years back and it seems to have started in when Cresent Reach and F2P was made and all free accounts started there. Then it overflowed onto returning Silver accounts that reset to be Cresent Reach as the system got confused if the Silver were free or not and where origin should be or if it should even work. :confused: You could try /setstartcity but that is really old and not sure it still is available or works and doesn't address the issue of your "origin". You could also try to delete (save a copy first) of JUST that one characters files and let them rebuild and finally and probably your best bet is to just file a petition.
  18. lolly Lorekeeper

    Drakah! This guy kept me able to play eq for many years as I needed the old ( original) default UI as I'm old and wretched and need bigger icons.
    So - /bow /respect etc!
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  19. Mell New Member

    Not sure is this new bug or not.
    Magician's pet now doesnt pre-equip the haste mask thus losing the haste effect and cause lesser aggro/DPS.

    Tested yesterday.105 Magician with EM24 focus earring.Summoned the haste mask and give it to pet but pet didnt accept the mask.Parse 10 mins in arena with 100 dummy.(Result A)

    Gave the pet a 26% haste belt and it took it.Parse with the same dummy(result B).

    And the DPS from result B is 7% bigger than result A which confirmed that pet in test today doesnt has a pre-equipped haste mask(full buffed pet is in 185% haste and has the space of 15% more haste to hit the 200% haste cap).
  20. Vividor Apprentice

    The command /outputfile recipes baking does not work properly for me. It does not show all the recipes I know.

    When I check in game the tradeskill window I can see that I know the recipes Alaran Omelet and Alaran Omelet with Cheese but when I do /outputfile recipes baking those recipes are not in the list.
  21. niente Developer

    /outputfile recipes only includes recipes that count toward your > 300 bonus.

    Alaran Omelet and Alaran Omelet with Cheese don't count because for whatever reason, they are AUTO_LEARN in the database.

    Alaran Appetizer Platter 1 0 15
    Alaran Omelet 1 1 15
    Alaran Omelet with Cheese 1 1 15

    More info:
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