Test Server Pet Mitigation Parse thread.

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  1. Siddar Augur

    Not true there are active effects that wont disturb the total amount of DI values. Highest Level of pet aegis rune will eat all damage from a hit. AA version has a lower damage cap and may are may not disturb the number of DI values depending on how hard mob was hit.

    Most of commenters in favor of nerfing pets simply disregard everything but the most basic passive mitigation parses.

    There are allot of claims being made based on a single to a very few tunnel visioned parses. The parses I made yesterday showed simply by adding stuff to a necro pet I was able to raise DI1 rate from 20% to 35%. There were many other effects that i simply didn't have to add into the mix that would have improved the numbers more. Getting a solid fix on real world pet tanking and player tanking is a very complex process that almost no one is even trying to do. Weather that is being driven bya hidden agenda are simply because of the time a complexity of the problem of determining real tanking ability is debatable.

    If the dev's are being confused are not is separate from the clear attempt to mislead the player base
  2. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    Devs don't have any need to mislead players. That kind of talk baffles my mind.
  3. Siddar Augur

    I was talking about players trying to mislead other players.
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  4. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    So, I loaded up a Mage on Test and went to Argin-Hiz. With an EM14 Earth pet that had only Burnout, Iceflame, DS, and Cleric Merc buffs, the pet was able to pretty reliably tank BOTH a yellow con and a while con soldier at the same time. (They were the two in front of the mine for reference). I didn't use any activated defensive abilities, and I'm a pretty lackluster Magician.

    I see absolutely nothing to complain about. It seems to me the changes actually didn't go far enough and need to be made larger.
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  5. Nylrem Augur

    Try 3 DB mobs Beimeith... Like, 3 spiders or whatever near zonein.

    As I said in another thread, earth pets are probably tanking singles better than developers envision them to right now. I think test 2.0 was probably about right, for singles. But multiples (3 or more) stinks.