Test is down

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Just_Another_SK, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. ayanaex Journeyman

    this is getting old...
  2. ayanaex Journeyman

  3. ayanaex Journeyman

    crap I forgot the wiggity wiggity
  4. Just_Another_SK Elder

    wiggity wiggity wack
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  5. ayanaex Journeyman

  6. Just_Another_SK Elder

    Any chance we will be able to play tonight?
  7. Morbic New Member

    Your future is cloudy.
  8. ayanaex Journeyman

    we aint playing tonight....we are finnucked
  9. Floppykick New Member

    They be working their hardest to get us back up, my friends, they even cancelled the update to live scheduled for the 17th...have faith in our wonderful friends at Daybreak :)
  10. ayanaex Journeyman

    oh me too...I just figured it was a big problem they are having significant trouble with.
  11. Draxton New Member

    Meanwhile, at Daybreak HQ:
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  12. ayanaex Journeyman

  13. ayanaex Journeyman

    give us an update or something.
  14. So Happy Augur

    I fear they have gone home for the night. I doubt overtime to fix Test is in the budget. :( Not the techs fault but likely a corporate thing.
  15. Morbic New Member

    Too early for them to get into the office.
  16. ayanaex Journeyman

    lvl 19 warlock now....
  17. So Happy Augur

    Any update would be appreciated. Please let us know how it's going when you get a spare moment.

  18. klanderso Developer

    We do have people working around the clock to get it fixed. However this is bigger than just a single server being finicky, so it may take a little longer to get it working.
  19. Floppykick New Member

    Thank you Klanderso for the update!!! Sorry things are not going as planned :(
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  20. ayanaex Journeyman

    thanks klanderso =)
    I am gonna check out errementari on Netflix...anyone seen it?

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