Tempest Festival Overtuned

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Nomeregard, May 4, 2022.

  1. Nomeregard New Member

    Currently the mobs in the Jagged Pine forest for the Tempest Festival are over tuned. They are lower 90's mobs that feel like level 120-125 mobs. Please tune them down to level 90ish mobs.

    Also these quests should be shared tasks, Killing 100+ grey mobs for no real reward at 120 takes hours and it is pretty boring.
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  2. Drakah UI Designer

    We did this quest now too for "Tempest Festival - Felled by the Reign" and seriously, I wanted to scream... how does Daybreak think this would be fun?

    The mobs are all grey, so its not like this grind will gain you any AAxp... they all have a crazy amount of hp's that takes way too long to kill. The items on the tempest mobs you need is completely random, so good luck there getting your pieces. It took us about 5 hours in total to do 4 players from start to finish.

    During the quest...the regular gray trash mobs just start pissing you off too just getting in the way ... as well as the constant loud thunder and rain environmentals. If you have the orb, you can just click that to turn it off each time it happens.

    This is one of the worst coded quests ever.

    5 Sweet Strawberry Seltzer (AC 10, HP 250, Mana 200, End 300)

  3. Thunderkiks Augur

    Yeah I was going to run this for my core group but with all the drops needed and such a short time I just did it on my main.
  4. Gutzz Journeyman

    I have to agree: (Felled By The Reign)
    1. Level 120-125 mobs hiding in the form of level 90-100mobs, with only the level 100 giving any xp to a level 120 player.
    2. Needing to kill a minimum of 20 mobs per player completing quest, to update the 1st step. Not so bad if they were actually level 90's mobs, but again back to #1. If this were a group step, that would negate part of the problems with this quest.

    3. *****BUG*****
    Our puller completed the quest first, and the rest of the group ended up with 2nd step updated, but 1st step 0/5. The siroccos he pulled after he completed the task (and was on 18hour lockout) no longer dropped the quest pieces even though the rest of the group needed them (killed about 4 mobs so not a good sample....but back to #1) so we swapped pullers and they started dropping again.

    Reward seems to be meant for a level 90-100 player, but I'm not sure if a level 100 raid geared group could complete this.
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  5. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    RVR is totally out of whack on these events.

    The best reward imho is the petamorph from Plane of Storms which just requires 4 mobs to be clicked (not killed). Available at level 52 (why is this only available on TLPs after HoT and not PoP?)

    Pet illusion is also not listed as a reward for completing it

    The other quest from Plane of Knowledge was more clicking in more zones, took at least 10 times as long and only gave PP as a reward. :rolleyes:

    2 events in Jaggedpine were both long and grey mobs were hitting far too hard. Reward for the one we did was food with stats which really wasn't worth the effort and the other we didn't bother finishing as for the 2 of us the mobs were just hitting too hard.

    Collections was on par with other ToL collections.
  6. GNOME_POWER Augur

    If they are doing "PoP progression", I think can go with LV46.
    You have probably completed the "PoJ trial".
    If not, it will be relaxed to LV55 at a later era.