TBL Unlocked?

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  1. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    That's probably a solid plan tbh, the GMM gear would be decent upgrades.
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  2. Mazame Augur

    If your looking for doing progression you only need one trail. The only think that is lock behind all 5 trials is the collections (can be skip by doing overseer or Baz) and the merc quest. and hunter.

    With a Bst and a chanter I was able to Box 4 of the trails when current. (yes I was raid gear but the current group gear should be more then enough.)

    In order from simple to most challenging for me was.
    Trial of the Wending Ways (this is a simple invis to each mob tank and spank. Earth mob splits at 50 into 2 mobs but rest is all single targets)

    Trial of the Speaker's Amphitheater (this one you want to set up opposite the add spawns. they path back and form and if you time it right you can single pull them to you. it take time and practices but can be done. the names you can click up and take on one at a time.)

    Trial of the Eternal Cyclone (the boss is rooted in place. I put my chanter in the tree and doted him up as he doesn't summon. I would run my bst up a tree to dot and drop down when adds spawn to kill them. also when you have enough aggro that the pets wont take it you can send them in for dps with out them getting killed.)

    Trial of the Ashes of Rusted Cliff's Glory ( this one is very tricky to solo. I had heard a bst on povar did it and so I wanted to try. you have to pull the names on the ramp. pull them to far and they leash pull them not far enough and you have to deal with the bird AE. find the sweet spot and you can pet tank them while you range DPS / heal the pet. the hard part is the longer you take the more adds are up so you have to time pulling the names as to not get adds. This is not one I would recommend unless you want to push your self. If you can do it then you are very skilled. also /target XXXX05 key helps in finding the right dust storm to kill.)

    Trial of Three ( this is the only one I was not able to box when current the silence sucks but I betting I could pull it off now)

    Yes this could be consider a wall but it do able and it pushes you to be better. also /general is a great place to find other to help if you don't want to solo. If your on Xegony I be happy to run them. I do them once a month anyways for people that need.
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