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Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Ozon, May 26, 2021.

  1. Ozon Elder

  2. Cuuthbert Augur

    If going solo/molo, That slow/cripple, while not Ideal is better than nothing. Unslowed mobs can be painful
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  3. Tucoh Augur

    Crippling slicer belt. If you're try harding you can swap between that and a dps belt when useful, but i never do.
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  4. Szilent Augur

    Knight classes generally over heal themselves by a ton. Threads belt is still somewhere between good and very good while that's happening, slow belt isn't.

    In that narrow spot where you're depending on others' heals to survive, but "others" doesn't include a teammate that can put a more real debuff on mobs? then slow belt is good for knights.

    Warrior proc dps is pretty trash, and Threads nonfunctional, and they're never their own top healer - I recommend slow belt for warriors. Warriors should carry a Seeress belt basically just for doing ToFS1
  5. Chaosflux Augur

    Paladin and SK BIS is Threads belt, slow belt being a distant second choice, especially if what you are fighting as alot of Strikethrough.
  6. Ozon Elder

    Appreciate the feedback, I must admit I hadn't given it too much thought as too the depth of the benefits of using Thread belts (lifetaps). Looks like I am hunting for a second belt.
  7. Chaosflux Augur

    If you are an SK threads belt is massively good since damage calc precedes heal calc you get more out of the flat damage then I do as a Paladin. Average heal bumps up about 7800/lifetap, which isn't like omg, but its pretty significant when you are casting a high volume of them.

    Combined with the nerfs the slow/cripple belt got afdw years ago, there's very little reason to use one anymore as your goto belt option, atleast for SK/Pal. I keep one in a bag for situational use, but thats mainly when I am swarm tanking full extended targets worth of mobs and don't have a shaman (which is almost never)
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  8. Ozon Elder

    I missed the nerf on Slow belts (returning player) what was the nerf, I assume they only slow a small % of the stated total?
  9. Chaosflux Augur

    Oh basically it was 75% slow and a much higher version of cripple.

    Even at 75% slow, I often would use the damage proc belt from TBM (and that one was much much worse proportionally than threads of Potential belts) almost exclusively in groups and raids.

    Slow is useful situationally, but alot of the value people place on it, is an artifact of a time that preceeded slow mitigation. Also knight self healing.. is well its strong lol idgaf if I have to cast an extra lifetap or nuke heal as a knight, I want whatever makes the mobs dead faster equipped to min/max my dps as much as possible.

    Your playstyle may not match up with that, but if you are in doubt do a decent length parse comparing a mob unslowed vs slowed with the belt

    And then compare your dps and healing gain in a similar parse with t he threads belt.

    As for how much it slows it varies based on slow mit, but basically its I believe (this off memory) ended up being 12.5% after mitigation on a partially slowable mob which translates to a mob going from 40 attack rounds per minute to 36 on your typical 15 delay mob.

    I'll eat an extra few rounds to eek out more damage/healing and generally come out ahead without the slow if I am soloing.

    If I am grouped I always have a shaman chanter or bard so at that point t the effect does precisely nothing and I definitely want the dps, same idea on raids.

    Basically I only use the slow belt, if I know I am going to pull more mobs than my enchanter or shaman can deep sleep/slow/stun in a reasonable amount of time, so thats going to be frequent pulls north of 8 mobs. Thats when it helps, anything less than that and its ehh ok I guess it might be doing something sorta useful some of the time if my slower is really not a good attentive player.
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  10. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    I use the threads belt. Don't even care about the healing part, its all about that 5000 damage added to everything (also affects inquisitor procs and DP for example).
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  11. Chaosflux Augur

    You sure it works on IJ? The Proc strike has (10) mana cost and potential has a minimum line of (100).

    6 DPs a minute, like 24 spellbar cast nukes and its around a 2500 dps for a Pal not like omg but its something where as the other one is nothing. No brainer.
  12. Wulfhere Augur

    IJ Strike is zero mana and works with Boon of the Seeress belts so I have swapped to this type of belt while IJ is running for a bit extra burn.

    Meanwhile Blunted Blade Strike has 10 mana and works with the old (and unique?) Runed Belt of Boromas (Sympathetic Force of Corruption X).
  13. Whulfgar Augur

    I use the overdrive punch dps belt.
  14. Parmalice New Member

    Well this has been interesting. I came to my own conclusion, which was that the Crippling Snare belt was indispensable. I play an SK. Several other knights and warriors in my guild have come to the same conclusion.

    I solo a lot, and also group a lot, and sometimes my group has a slower and sometimes it doesn't. It's very nice having that Crippling Snare appear so soon into almost every fight. It's especially handy against difficult content with an accidental 3 or 4-mob pull where the mobs slow themselves sooner than a chanter could do it, or if no chanter or shaman are there at all.

    I picked up a CoV raid drop belt with Boon on it and replaced my Belt of Feshlak with it (CoV group content belt) for a short time before "downgrading" to a ToV raid nugget-crafted belt with Crippling Snare on it again. I found I really liked having the Crippling Snare on my belt much better than better stats and Boon on the CoV belt. I haven't had a Threads of Potential belt to compare against.

    I could swap the belts back and forth depending on the situation, but I never do. Not worth the hassle.

    On harder group content I average 340-360k dps over several hours of constant fighting. If one of those dmg belts would add 2k dps that <1% boost wouldn't be worth the loss of always having mobs slow themselves on me. Even one death because we accidentally get 4 or 5 mobs at a time and the healer doesn't keep up, I don't get a disc off in time, the chanter doesn't get them slowed quickly enough, or whatever, would negate any benefit of a little higher dps when these mobs slowing themselves on me due to Crippling Snare might have avoided that death.

    I've also noticed that while off-tanking raid adds there's often no slow being applied to them by a chanter or shaman because there's not many of them around and they're focused on other things, and it's really nice seeing that Crippling Snare show up on the mob I'm tanking, since a lot of these adds hit like a Mack truck.
  15. Qimble Elder

    To me other than situations where you're soloing it sounds like you're using the slow belt to make up for bad group comp or bad players. Which is fine, gear for whatever situation you find yourself up against normally.

    I personally can't imagine a situation where I would want the slow belt unless they patched it to be a decent slow, but I also always have a real slower or bard for CoV group content and in raids our chanters/shammies get stuff debuffed before it even has time to hit me usually. And as I've said on here before, I gear for when I'm raid tanking and it hits the fan. Not everyone does, which is part of why people argue over heroic stats so much.
  16. Warpeace Augur

    Belt choice depends on your play style, if your not an active caster the slow belt might be fine. If your an active caster between nukes and heals the Boon version will pull well enough ahead I will never go back to the slow belt.
  17. Szilent Augur

    ... then you're bad
  18. Parmalice New Member

    I group with some guildmates and others who are willing to group, and that means the classes end up being what these guys play, not necessarily the min/maxed "best" group. I rarely have a bard, I seldom have a shaman, I often but don't always have an enchanter. I just know that I see that Crippling Snare effect in the mobs' debuff window a lot, which means I'm taking 25% less dmg than I would without it. That's worth more to me than a couple percent personal DPS boost.
  19. Chaosflux Augur

    It doesn't mean you are taking 25% less damage, thats not how it works lol which i covered in my previous post somewhere up top. You are reducing effectively in average kill time 4 rounds, its a <10% drop in average damage, however it does nothing to DI distribution (its almost immeasurable) and given how much overhealing there is that <10% decrease does very little to nothing for actual sustained survival over the course of several hours of grinding/adventuring.

    Which is why its not the meta option.

    Healers do like 80 to 150% overhealing on every heal they cast, if you take alittle more extra damage, it won't be noticed unless you are at the absolute edge of capability as far as tankability and healing go. Which like some people play in that small tolerance band of pushing the edge, but most don't live there in their average play experience. Which makes that total damage reduction inconsequential for everyone outside of very specific situations.
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  20. Parmalice New Member

    Hmm. So I just went on the bazaar and looked at the faded restless velium belt of brilliance (which I'd never considered, assuming it was an INT caster belt) so I could get a preview of the Velium Endowed Belt of Brilliance, which has the Threaded Boon of Potential effect.

    I'm coming around to the thinking here. Keep in mind that when I made my judgment on the indispensability of the Crippling Snare belt I wasn't max AA, wasn't full raid-geared, and in fact my tankability on the harder content was on the edge. I'm well beyond that now, and I accept that I should reconsider.

    The 5000 dmg added to spells certainly is going to be way better than the 500 added to procs by the effect on the Belts of Vigor and Adroitness. And if that healing benefit goes off on lifetaps and Bond of Vulak, and hopefully even the "target's target" healing proc of my upgraded CoV weapon augs, then yes I could see that being way better.

    Is that 5000 dmg added to each pulse of a DOT too, or just to DDs? If it's added to each pulse of a DOT then that will 100% be the use I put to the next CoV raid nugget I get. Even if it doesn't, I'm willing to take a leap of faith based on your explanations and just try it and see how it goes.