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Discussion in 'Melee' started by Kraygore, Mar 23, 2021.

  1. Kraygore New Member

    Hello all. Returning player here (stopped way back in Velious). Saw that Berserkers are a new class, rolled one.

    I'm 53 and don't understand: All I have is auto attack, Frenzy, and a snare or stun, and a few discs on shared 30 min cooldowns

    Am I missing something? I see people talk about using an axe, but not sure what they mean.

    Volley is at 61. Is that it/right?
  2. Szilent Augur

    At 53, that's the general sketch of melee classes, period. Having the snare actually counts as pretty high utility juxtaposed with the tools of war, mnk, rog.

    Berserkers have the additional wrinkle that the class was created when the game's overall level cap was 65, and so it only sorta exists at lower levels than that. It's continued to develop in the subsequent years, arguably not becoming what it is now until level 104.

    in just the Combat Abilities window, there's all the time stuff-
    61 Volley attack starts, gets regular upgrades
    80 "frenzy" (really just DD) proc self buff
    81 3*Frenzy button that also debuffs enemies
    83 Axe Throw attacks share timer with your snare (so pick either dmg or utility)
    85 Shared damage boost buffs you & the tank
    85 Axe of Rallos slashing attack that does stuff, eventually gives way to a version that just deals damage
    98 Festering Rage self buff
    99 Arcslash frontal AE attack
    101 Dichotomic Rage progressive ability
    103 Sapping Strikes to keep endurance going

    and "burn" stuff-
    30 Battle Cry keeps getting better through level 65
    54 Cleaving Rage on timer4 eventually gives way to Berserking disciplines
    65 Cleaving Anger on timer3
    70 Vengeful Flurry on timer6
    94 Frenzied Resolve
    104 Disconcerting sustained disc, shares timer with
    108 Mangling Discipline

    there's another dozen buttons out of the AA window, too
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  3. Kraygore New Member

    Awesome, thank you for taking the time to help!
  4. Kraygore New Member

    Is it safe to say the zerker is one of the easiest/least to do/apm classes?
  5. roth Augur

    Yes and no.

    It certainly seemed that way when I transferred my zerker alt to his own account and started two boxing him. But, in the current Live game, zerker s have a ton of buttons to mash. That is like every other class in the game; even tanks are more than just taunt and pray to hold aggro.

    However, like most other classes in the game, zerker stuff is not “situational use only” - so a lot of stuff gets hotkeyed into a mash button or two, so you wind up hammering the same few buttons to activate them all in the desired, preset, order. That is going to be the same no matter what dps class you play, as even casters don’t cast the same nuke over and over, using a certain spell order that can be hotkeyed.

    If you can reduce the number of ability buttons hit by combining them into several mash hotkeys, then you simplify things a lot. But, its still a large number of abilities, and though you are not hitting a large number of buttons, you are still repeatedly hammering the same few keys, giving a larger number of actions per minute than you might expect.

    I would say that it seemed, when I first started boxing my zerker, to be one of the best “fire and forget” dps classes. By this I mean that most of his dps came from auto attack, so if I just put him next to the mob, turned attack on, maybe hit the special ability keys once, and then ignored him until the next mob, I’d get a decent level of boxed dps.
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