Summoner's Decscending Moon Earring not creating correct pet

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Vitopanch, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. Vitopanch New Member

    Today, after the recent crash of Bristlebane, since crashes destroy the active and stashed pet, I created a new one. The level of the pet is such as it would be if I was not wearing the earring. I created an in game bug report for this as well as posting here. Please assist.
  2. Sancus Augur

    What spell are you using to summon a pet?
  3. Vitopanch New Member

    I have tried all four of them. I am L113 and have been using it for over a year. It created a L113 pet for me. I had a stashed L113 pet and an active one. The server crashed and as we all know when that happens we usually lose both pets. These lost pets were L113 and I have had them for quite awhile. So, I put the earring on and created L110 pets. I tried all four pets, I unattuned it and reattuned it. I rebooted Everquest etc.... Nothing changes it. I spoke with someone who had a Golden Sage's Earring and it is the same for him.
  4. Vitopanch New Member

    Additional information is that it was in my bag and put it on only to create the pets. This may be affecting only those that were not being worn.
  5. Vitopanch New Member

    I have interviewed other folks and found out that it has impacted other people's EM items if it was not worn, but in their bags. If it was worn at the time, they still create the correct level pet. It therefore may only be impacting the code at the time that the item is equipped. No one was interested in taking it off and putting it back on for a test in case it did not work. One fella was selling a Golden Sage's Earring, EM XXIV and I asked him to equip it before and try it out. He did and it failed to work. Dev folks, this is debilitating. Please assist. BTW I am on Bristlebane if that matters.
  6. Duder Augur

    It has always been that you need to wear it when you summon the pet to focus the new pet. How is equipping it debilitating?
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  7. Troutfest Augur

    I think he is saying that he equips it to summon the pet and it isn't working as it did? At least that is what I'm seeing when I read his comments.
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  8. Vitopanch New Member

    You are correct. Those that have not taken theirs off are not having a problem creating the proper level pet. Those that were not wearing it and now equip it to create the pet are now creating a lower level pet.
  9. Moege Augur

    Prickle, Phlogisten Summoners Earring, Tormentor's Sparkling Ice Spike of Dominance,Stoneshadow Balefire Ring.

    Tested them all and they work as expected.
    Took off. Put back on, summoned pet, correct
    Took off. Zoned. Put back on, summoned pet, correct

    Even gave it to a new character and it works as expected. If it is a bug I think may be server specific.
  10. Vitopanch New Member

    Many thanks for the input.
  11. Vitopanch New Member

    Correct. At Level 113 I was creating a level 113 pet. Now it creates a 110 pet. Not good. Dev's please assist.
  12. Duder Augur

    Specifically name the spells you are casting and the earring you have equipped when doing so (The exact name of the spell, exact name of the earring, not "I cast the 113 water pet"). Otherwise no dev can help you, nor player really. We need exact details, no detail too small.
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  13. Vitopanch New Member

    Account name is (mod removed account name) - Level 113 Magician - Bristlebane Server - Wearing a Summoner's Descending Moon earring - EM XXV casting Embodiment of Water, Air, Fire and Earth is now creating a L110 pet instead of the L113 pet that it created in the past, for over a year.

    Additional information: The last time a created a pet was in February 2020. I had a stored pet and an active one. Both were created using Embodiment of Air, wearing the Summoner's Descending Moon Earring. Both were level 113. I was out of Norrath until December 2020, after COV was implemented, as I was sick. When I came back both pets were L113. The Bristlebane server crashed recently and as we all know, pets are missing when we get back into Norrath after a crash. I therefore created one wearing the Summoner's Descending Moon Earring and casting Embodiment of Air. The pet was level 110. I tried the other Embodiments that were previously listed and they created L110 pets.I took the earring off and cast all four previously mentioned Embodiments and a Level 105 pet was the result. I un-attuned the earring and re-attuned it to my character and put it back on my character. Still it created L110 pets. I tried my old Summoner's Trinket of Insecurity and it created a L109 pet. I talked to two folks that had Golden Sage Earring in their bags. They were wearing higher level EM earrings at the time. They put on their Golden Sage Earring EM XXIV and using the previously mentioned Embodiments created pets. The pets that were created were L110 which is lower than was created previously.

    I have rebooted my PC without any improvement. I un-attuned the Summoner's Descending Moon Earring again and gave it to an alt and then took it back and re-attuned it to my Magician. No improvement.

    I can not think of anything else to try to rectify this. Please assist. Money is no object.
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  14. Sancus Augur

    I think you're confusing Manifestation of Water with Embodiment of Water. The Enhanced Minion XXV pet template for Ring of Scale (Embodiment) pets has always been level 110. There is no pet template for those pets that pushes their level to 113. The Enhanced Minion XXV pet template for Torment of Velious (Manifestation) pets has always been level 113. Here's a table of pet level by EM rank that hasn't changed since ToV Beta:

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