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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by niente, Oct 31, 2020.

  1. niente Developer

    I'll be streaming EQ on and off for the next week, in support of Extra Life.
    Here's a link to my twitch channel:

    I will be playing a paladin and necromancer and doing the Hero's Journey. We'll see how far I can get!

    While I am streaming you are welcome to ask questions and I will answer as I'm able.

    As a bonus part of this. While I am streaming, I will be taking small code requests for EQ. At the end of the event (after Nov 7) I'll put together 5 of the requests based on random/popularity/complexity/player benefit, and make an effort to put in the game within the next year. However, as a big disclaimer, I can't promise anything. Some things players request may not be possible, or may be too large. I will try to let you know when something gets requested if it's not possible or too big (or if it's a design request, which is challenging to get someone else to do as a programmer). The way a request would generally work is this:
    1. You make a request.
    2. I make a judgment call if it's small-ish and possible to do.
    3. I ask my boss if we can make this change. Depending if it's OK or controversial, adjustments may be made, or the request is rejected.
    4. If it gets approved by my boss, I write a ticket.
    5. Ticket is queued until scheduled, or gets specially requested by me to be completed (over a long time period, generally 2x a month this can be done).
    6. In the next monthly patch after that, the change goes live.

    You can post code requests/suggestions here, or send them to me in twitch chat / in game.
  2. Maxxer New Member

    One of these would be nice:
    Total revamp of EQ core to take advantage of modern hardware.
    Or if that don't fit point 2 above...
    Make it possible to search in Parcel window, like way we can in a merchant window.
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  3. Kinadorm Augur

    1. I would like to be able to filter the bazaar search to only show collection items that I am missing.

    2. In inventory/bank have a red background overlay on already collected items to easily identify them without having to inspect them.

    3. Pet inventory screen/tab like the Merc tab.

    4. Overcome the limit that prevents new AA lines from being added.

    5. Not sure if this is code or design territory but make the standard shrink AA/spell work on pets. Currently we have to use a separate Tiny Companion spell to shrink pets. I believe the regular shrink spell/AA used to work on pets but it stopped working a few years ago.
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  4. FranktheBank Augur

    This is fantastic! Looking forward to it niente.
  5. Paladin Augur

    In case I miss it.... here are a couple for you.

    -->Ornament Achievements. Heritage Crate ornament Achievement sets work fine. All other (dropped, quested, crafted) only work for specific classes. As I understand it, the Heritage Crate sets involve a flag, which is why the achievements are hidden until you do them and the reason they work the way they do. But the other sets are coded for specific classes only, so only those classes can see them and thus, only they can do them (i.e. Plate for Plate, but Plate can't do the Chain, even if they put the chain on). Change this?

    -->The Merc Tab in Inventory window is set up for one set of gear, even though there are 4 types of Mercs. So, most players just put gear in there and never change it out, no matter what merc they are using. How about quartering that window into four, so we can drop all 4 sets of gear in there, then the Merc we use will use the gear from their quadrant?

    --> There are 16 Character types, but we get only 14 Character slots. Sell us 2 more slots via the Marketplace? In fact.... it may be nice to have 18 slots (I know there are 18 slots on Beta, so this function is possible) -- since there are oft times that a player needs a throw away character... such as the Gnome Races that require a Level 1 Gnome (which, for some reason, can only race once or thrice and then has to be replaced... some sort of coding issue as I understand it).

    --> Something I never got about Rings & Earrings, is why only two each? If you watch ANY fantasy series / movie or look at most any fantasy art... the characters don't always wear just 2 rings or 2 earrings. They are wearing multiple rings (on one hand, even) and very often more than 2 earrings, as well. Time for 1 or 2 extra slots for each? It may involve making Earrings and Rings lore henceforth, but hey. It may even be something player can "unlock" via the Marketplace?
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  6. Monkman Augur

    Bandolier for Hero's Forge sets.
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  7. Vlad Diszno Augur

    1. Make special houses for collector’s editions of expansions again

    2. Adding more space to houses, guild halls, and their yards

    3. Getting Playerstudio creations from the accepted status to actually being put into Marketplace

    4. Rotating in the vaulted housing items in Marketplace more frequently if it’s not possible to just put them all back in full time.

    5. A way to see what will be up and coming in Marketplace New and Featured section, perhaps an Up and Coming section

    6. A way for Find to show items that you own in houses you are a co-owner of
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  8. NayiliuFV New Member

    I too strongly request the ability to filter collectibles by what what is already collected versus still needed.
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  9. Hildebrand New Member

    Raid and Hunter achievements for older expansions (GOD to SOF).
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  10. Aames New Member

    UI Scaling so we can play at 4k.. in windowed mode, or even full screen
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  11. Aames New Member

    borderless windowed mode too
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  12. Orbital101 Augur

    Option to hide the map scroll on the map window in the top left corner.
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  13. Roladdar New Member

    Create another Fishing Quest to catch 2 types of fish in 6 different Zones.Make it Level related, like the Teek Quest. Make it a daily, or a weekly or a monthly,even! Thanks.
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  14. Maxxer New Member

    In instances (raids), remove or greatly extend the distance limit for damage messages.
    Or even better, add a switch in options for normal/zone wide messages.
    To be able to parse a raid it would be sweet if I could pick up damage from persons further away than today.
    I guess it goes for casts, heals, damage taken etc also, but I personally care most about dps
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  15. Maxxer New Member

    Add a function to change background colors on all types of ui buttons.

    Or, as a simple solution that won't even need any testing...
    Add a set of item icons with single colors.
    They will not be used for any in game items but can be used to set as background images for ui buttons.

    I have played around with it in a custom ui using menuicons but it's not a safe way to do it if you ever add more icons.
    It is really nice to be able to color code different things, especially for when I log in a toon I don't play that often.
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  16. drinur New Member

    It would be awesome to be able to go from the grand guild hall to the guild hall without going out to the lobby.
  17. Sedge New Member

    1. Seems that after a few days many vendors get their resold stock list filled up with junk. Items that a player might need (trade skill items) never show up to be purchased by another player. Add an option to filter out or just remove vendor trash from a merchants list of player sold items they are offering for resale. Weapons, armor, magic items, trade skill materials and their normal stock would be the only items listed.

    2. Parcel merchant in guild lobby.
  18. Dre. Augur

    It'd be great if autofollowing characters didn't randomly acquire the turning radius of a football field.
  19. ForumBoss Augur

    Thanks for doing this, looking forward to the stream.

    1. buff sets - right click to save current buffs into a template, missing buffs show up as greyed out. Also preserves order of buffs.
    2. Z-axis auto follow. pitch up and down to match the leader's height when levitating or swimming.
    3. Merge raid function; if a raid leader invites the leader of the raid, and the combined raid is < 72, merge raid.
    4. This one is supposedly difficult to implement; a cash shop item to convert weapons/shields into ornaments. Else, add some decent shield ornaments and maybe a few more (UF?) weapon ornaments to the game. There are some nice looking shields in the game, but next to zero attractive shield ornaments.
    5. Agents of Change on all servers - restrict to gold members if business require want a paywall.
    6. Easy one? Weapon damage sorting in /bazaar search

    Side note to Dre above; The auto-follow issue in the post above is due to low framerate, but it is annoying. A low framerate creates an unstable feedback loop due to a low sample rate.
  20. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    You missed it, this was back in early November.

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