State of tradeskills in the game

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Fian, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. Szilent Augur

    did your arithmetic count that dedicated raiders will have 5 slots covered by evolvers?
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  2. svann Augur

    aww dangit. No your correct.
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  3. Triconix Augur

    Also the 2nd ear slot for tanks isn't really much of an upgrade, especially T2 TBL to T1 ToV. That's going to be the last item upgraded, if tanks bother upgrading it. That leaves only 14-16 slots to upgrade this expansion, depending on the class.

    There are roughly 29 weeks between March 15th and Oct 1st. That's 9.5 ores in just currency. That leaves 4.5-6.5 ores left to acquire by looting. 29 weeks x 9 ores per week x 1.5 to get a rough estimate of the doubles during summer and you're at alittle over 7 ores per person just between March and Oct 1st. Add in the 9 weeks of T1 & T2 and you're looking at roughly 8 ores per person for a raid force of 54 people.

    If you take 2 ores from everyone of that 54 you can can another 7 people 15 ores just from loot. That means by Oct 1st, a raid force of over 60 people will only need 1-2 T1 items at the very most and you still have another 2.5 months of farming before the expansion for minimal upgrades.

    As I stated before, just stop with the superficial road blocks to gear and throw T1 loot out the window. Start giving out 5 ores per chest per event from the beginning and have a single tier of gear. Gone are the days where chest loots are novelty because now we all have currency and never have to worry about not getting an item.
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  4. Yinla Augur

    Scrap 1 tier of gear and make the same slot items more of a choice, currently the stats are so minimal there is little to choose between them.
  5. Allayna Augur

    What's the arithmetic on clearing all the raids and then clearing 3 more ToV raids on alts, throwing ~ 6 - 8 mains from list in the second clear?

    The tiered gear makes sense IF:

    Content increases in difficulty
    Content requires that difference in gear to survive (boss mob rolling through tanks/tank swap requirements like in Wither and Decay)
    Players have a gear plan
    T1/T2 have a difference in focus

    People have already hit on it, but 5 items are not going to get replaced from ToV raids for a lot of the end game, min/max crowd.

    That leaves 14-17 slots depending on class that need upgrades.

    I predict in our guild, we'll have 2 fully geared raid forces by the next expansion and that is a direct correlation to the ease of the raid content.

    30 guilds beat a T1 event, 25 beat a T2 event.

    But as far as TS goes, I both like and dislike it. We have to TS type 18 and 19 augs that were corpse loot last year (no trade). We can make powersources (tradeable). I do like the re-use of old rare items (ice of velious) as drops for TS stuff, wish they'd do more of that so I don't have to go farm grey con (summoning) content (that no longer kills itself instantly to riposte).....

    But I digress.
  6. Sissruukk Augur

    Not that I am a masochist, but why haven't tradeskill base max been upped to 400?
  7. yepmetoo Augur

    For the old method of skillups (skill 1-300), the formula is wonky, and as you approach 335 skill, the probability of a skillup is sort of like a limit function where it approaches zero. So, instead, they gave us the method of learning (nearly) all the recipes to get skillups.

    The 400 TS skill achievements already exist, they were in beta awhile ago. The issue is, how do you get skills for 351-400?

    Can't do it like you did 300-350, not enough new recipes. The old method your chance of a skillup is 0. So some sort of code change would be required.

    Maybe make you do 450+ trivial combines in a special container so you can't use the auto combine function, and it takes 150 combines per skillup up? Or something else ridiculous.
  8. Myca775 Journeyman

    Nobody is forcing you to do them but I feel the players who have taken the time to reach TS max skill should have perks vs non TS players, I like the evolve earring and the PS recipes is a bonus but if I hated TS and refused to do it then I would just accept the fact I will have to buy the new PS from baz and never be able to make them myself but just simply giving me access to the PS and Aug recipes while bypassing the earring quest is wrong to me.

    What ever happened to earning rewards instead of everything simply handed to you without any effort? Artisan Prize needs max TS to max stats, am I loving that requirement? nope but I WANT to do it otherwise what's the point of doing it if I was going to just leave it with half the stats missing? just to say "I got Prize!" even though the aug isn't at full potential? nah I finish what I start and worth the effort in the end.

    I was so glad with the release of TBL that the TS armor was better than raid drop which I've always thought that's the way it should have been for years so I hope they never change it and TS always gives the best rewards.
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  9. Myca775 Journeyman

    I would love this also, I wanted to kick myself when I realized I missed 1 trophy, skill is currently 315+ but I would seriously consider a reset option just to get the trophy early, leveling it isn't hard really its getting it at master level quest that's the pain but i'll do it eventually just not on the top of my list at the moment.

    Continued from previous post that timer ran out...
    Tradeskilling is a choice not a game requirement, there isn't any part of this game that denies you access to a zone or raid cause you lack the necessary TS. If you don't want to TS you don't have to but people shouldn't complain they aren't getting the same rewards as the TS players do.
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  10. anotheranon New Member

    I absolutely love the TS route Everquest has taken since Artisan quest and now the ToV TS quests. You have taken it to a whole new level, and for me personally is one of the main reason for me coming back for more. My friend and I have 8 gold accounts, he hates TS but I love it. He benefits from my tradeskilling so its a win/win.

    Is it a timesink?
    Does it make you wanna pull your hair out?
    Does it make your hair grey?
    Does it sometimes make you frustrated, mad, angry, sad etc etc?
    Would it be Everquest if all the above did not apply?
    Yes yes yes yes and NO, BUT when you get that reward, man, you forget all the above and just move on.

    So thank you again the whole Everquest team for yet another great expansion. Looking forward for more great stuff in the years to come :)
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  11. Allayna Augur

    Never made any sense to me that as you gain skill you cannot complete the easier quest for beginner trophies. On my previous main I was max tradeskills before these trophies came out, I have the old trophies and I'm just boned. Kind of like any achievement added after the fact, slayer, traveler, etc...
  12. Hellowhatsyourname Augur

    Maxing trophies, even at 300+, is not that big of a deal. I would never, ever consider dropping back down to 0 skill just to turn around and have to level it up again.
  13. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I almost feel like it should be the opposite of what it is...trying to get a trophy with low skill should be HARDER than trying to get it with a maxxed out skill. But I suppose that has to do with the way trophies work and leveling them up.

    Maybe they need an option for people that have maxxed out a skill and want the alternate trophy task/quest that requires 300 in that skill and grants a fully evolved trophy.
  14. Cuuthbert Elder

    Talk to any raider and they say to the casual player, our gear is better because risk vs reward.
    I would say I love the way Trade skills are going. Those who put in the time and effort should have reward from taking the time to do their trade skills. If you don't like trade skills don't do them and be a good little <insert class here> in the corner loot from the chest when it is your turn. I really and truly wish that raid items made from the Diamond/muhbis/Ore when the player went to do that combine, that is no fail but requires and minimum raw skill of 325 to do the combine or it would say you just are not experienced enough.
    Really do not care about all the math and justifications everyone comes up with. Time and effort should be rewarded in the game end of story. NO ONE IS MAKING YOU DO ANY TRADESKILLS. But I do believe that those that are doing them should have added reward.
  15. Myca775 Journeyman

  16. svann Augur

    We went through a few expansions where TS were underpowered. Now the pendulum has swung.
  17. Greymantle Augur

    Actually once you hit 300, maxing the trophies is fairly easy. Look into the combines for the cresta's earing that got pushed to 300 skill min. A lot of the parts are very easy to farm, one is a fast spawning ground spawn!
  18. Waldagar Augur

    First it was the Raiders versus the Filthy Casuals. Now we have people who do trade skills versus people who don't do trade skills. If you are a Filthy Casual who can't trade skill you have even less content available to you. It makes me sad we have such a small expansion and it makes me sadder that half of the content revolves around trade skills.

    The only humor I find is when a trade skill person complains about not being able to do tinkering and it is just not fair!

  19. Allayna Augur

    That was nerfed to not gain tradeskill levels.
  20. Monkman Augur

    Correct not to gain trade skill levels pre-300 (as the combine requires 300 skill) however to max a trophy once at 300 this method still works

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