Spreadsheet of Classic "Named" NPCs / Raid Mobs

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Bobbybick, May 2, 2021.

  1. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    So I made this today, you're welcome to use/reference it. If you want to make your own edits just make a copy and do whatever you want with it but that obv won't get any updates I make to the base. Keep in mind that just because the mobs are on this list does not guarantee at all that their loot will be changed.


    Still some stuff I want to iron out but should cover the majority.
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  2. MR_STYLZ TLP Hore

    Favorited for later

    good job
  3. Magician9001 Elder

    Can confirm at least some of the levels are incorrect. Would recommending using Magelo and not Alla.
  4. Relentless Insomnia

    Stolen and linked in our Discord. I hope you keep updating this it is awesome.
  5. Pikallo Augur

    A hero for the people.
  6. Bewts Augur

    Assuming loot tables are shared across zones... I expect the kobolds in solb may be heavily camped if they’re in the same level range to drop fbss
  7. Pikallo Augur

    Honestly I think this spreadsheet highlights that despite people claiming it will "spread people out to all the super secret unknown corners of Norrath", there really isn't THAT many other places to go in classic that are off the beaten path that will still net some rare drops. All the usual places will still be camped both due to familiarity and because there isn't many other places to go.
  8. Geoux Lorekeeper

    You glorious, mad bastard!
  9. OldRodKS Elder

    Thanks for posting this!
  10. Azzlann New Member

    Masterfully done sir!
  11. Arctodus Elder

    More playing with less camping is a good thing.
  12. Haze Journeyman

    First player-made spreadsheet I've seen in a while. It's wild to me that there aren't spreadsheets & sims for everything for such an old game.

    Nice work!
  13. Kerivek New Member

    I think EQ is old enough that it almost has the reverse effect. There were tons of resources made years ago that have been lost as websites shut down. A lot of the detailed information for this game was on player run websites and forums that no longer exist.
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  14. Numiko Augur

    Should be interesting to see what they do in Kunark with its piles of named "hunter" rare spawn mobs that drop nothing normally....
  15. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Updated HERE for Kunark

    Still a few things I want to iron out and reconfirm in the next few days regarding some levels/drops. I included out of era content since we saw Warrens loot drop throughout classic as well as some other goodies at the beginning, if they end up not on the drop tables then it's easy enough for me to remove them Wednesday/Thurs once we can confirm it ingame. The links are also not made and tbh I might not get to it since it's like 300 of them...

    Feel free to let me know if I missed something, ideally with an ingame screenshot confirming the statement.
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  16. Pikallo Augur

    Kinda crazy when you see it in this format that there are only 2 lvl 60 named in the entire expansion.
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  17. Mithra Augur

    One, cause sebilite protector is not rare creature tag.
  18. Atomos Augur

    Can't wait to see how Fungi plays out on this server lol. Gonna be the new Ring of the Ancients. <3
  19. Mithra Augur

    It's pretty much all Chardok rares around the level of spore king.

    Big money camp might be The Bridge Keeper / an iksar betrayer / a Security Advisor & friends.
  20. Ythera Lorekeeper

    I sure hope so.