Spell Gems and Clicky items 1 hour timer

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Complicit_Drakkin, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Complicit_Drakkin New Member

    Hello, like the title states, after zoning only my mage's spell gems( Reckless Servant, Aegis of Zeklor, Volley of Many, and others) are receiving a 1hr refresh timer. Also, had a merc get killed and received 1hr revive timer. Certain clicky items on several characters are also getting lengthy reuse timers. The spell gem issue seems to only be affecting my mages though. Had this happen a while back also and I think you all took the server down irc. I've tried camping out and logging back in to no avail. I tried removing/reloading spells gems, but it didn't remove the timer. Dismissing the defunct merc and buying a new one did remove the timer there.
  2. Complicit_Drakkin New Member

    Seems to be fixed now, thank you! :)

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