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  1. Croak Augur

    I am a returning player in many ways, as I flip between Fippy, Vox & Test - I do tons of tradeskills on my toons (cultural for 7 races on Test, 6 on Vox, 1 on Fippy)

    I am not a raider, I use my own guild bank to hold tradeskill items. I know people who raid have multiple guilds with alts mules with full storeage & banks full of tradeskill stuff.

    Quite simply, it still takes me hrs a week managing my inventory, but that is a lot less time than before I was using guild bank for stackable tradeskill stuff.

    But it is not just tradeskill stuff.... collection stuff takes up so much space, so does storing old gear you worked hard for and don't want to destroy, but throwing it on the floor in a house or in a packing case is just wrong.
    I don't want to have to off-load it to mules every few days - just 2 days hunting in cotf and I have a 32 slot bag full of collectibles, and I still haven't finished even 20% of RoF yet.

    I have my journeyman pocketed rucksack x5 (32 slot) + 2x24 slot
    Most of my primary toons have 2 or 3 Trademaster component satchels, plus many other big bags.
    Personal bank is at least half full of patterns, tools and stuff that won't fit in guild bank that is partway processed (e.g. cams/strings for PoP bows)
    Bags there are 60% Extraplanar and most of the remainder are 20 slot transcendent.

    Here are some simple things the devs can do to help.

    1. Manequins - just a way to display old armor sets in houses so all the items don't take up room in the house and are presented for the correct race. Note: Armor isn't placeable

    2. Expand guild bank - make it 1000+, 200 is far too small for the easiest to use store for tradeskill components. You probably need to increase the "incoming" capacity to 200 as well.
    This would make a guild bank much more useful for cooperation.

    3. We have Tavid Dennant for SoD stuff - can we have equivalent for collections stuff?

    Some additional things

    I am a guild leader of my guild - why can't I just withdraw an item that isn't set to public access? I have permission to change the access but to change it for every stack of tainted feathers etc is a major chore. If you have permission to change the access, you should have permission to withdraw without changing anything.
    It would be nice to be able to set via a sticky dropdown or a toggle the permission of items being moved from "incoming" to the main bank.

    A single button to put all items into the main guild back would be great
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  2. Sheex Augur

    For how many collection items there are at this point, the collect only bags should hold like 400 slots instead of 40.

    Those combined with rogue poisons and 25-30 levels of relevant TS drops makes it pretty crazy, I agree.
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  3. Crystilla Augur

    Croak, are you aware that there is an NPC in Plane of Knowledge that will hold your old cultural patterns from past expansions?
  4. Croak Augur

    I wasn't, but currently I am only holding transcendent / numinous + glorious/regal charm which amounts to only 18 slots + 2 books.
    Hmm Treasurer NPC by the library - what a convenient location :(

    Some things I do are convenience for instance I keep a permanent bag of each research item (why do they only stack to 20?) used for the most common cultural seal combines, plus 7 patterns. I just top up the stacks that get empty. That is from the days I was often making more than 1 cultural set per day.

    I still have a full set of Lucid & rustic in the bank, but for instance sets of hero's journey armor, othni, and all cultural armor have gone.

    I could certainly do some spring cleaning and offload stuff onto mules, but nothing currently beats the guild bank for easy deposit and "overview" of your stocks for tradeskill items.

    My ultimate wish would be for a personal unlimited tradeskill material bank and another unlimited I can share with my fellowship... then I might even join a real guild.
  5. FawnTemplar Augur

    This is probably too hard to implement into EQ but I wish we had a bag system like in Landmark where all mats went to a different tab and you could store thousands of each. Like I said probably too hard at this point to do with there being thousands of different mats but a girl can dream.
  6. Aanuvane Augur

    With regard to the old cultural patterns and symbol patterns - you don't even need to bother with the treasurers in PoK, They are all for sale on Culturalist Devari in PoK now. No need to do quests or hang on to old patterns/molds (not to mention every single piece of cultural armor has a simplified recipe now that doesn't even require a cultural pattern at all).
  7. BeenPlayingSinceBeta New Member

    Since the developers doesn't play the game they don't realize how big a frustration this is.

    Hoarding - An important human trait for the survival of the species, dating all the way back to when we were hunters and gatherers.

    Altough it can go overboard, many just enjoy to create stockpiles of virtual stuff as a way to get in touch with our inner cave-man. ;-)

    When you can no longer store all your virtual crap, and the management of it becomes a chore, and not a game, it is a problem.

    In the end you get annoyed, frustrated, irritated, and just never login again because if you do, the overflowing bags all over will want to be organized so you can gather more stuff.

    The easy solution is to copy EQ2 depot-code and let people use containers like that for with unlimited capacity all over their homes and guid halls. In the end all they need to do is store an identifier, and how many items of it is in there. Not really a huge amount of bytes.

    Ornaments, collection items, tradeskill components - Is probably what they should assign some coder to make storage facilities for asap.
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  8. Zantor Augur

    I just wish all items that are stackable would be to 100 or 200 or so, is frustrating buying 1k items for combines and all being in stacks of 20's.
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