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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Kaylis, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Kaylis New Member

    Hello all, I am going to be returning to Norrath in a few days after a 15+ year break. I have 2 pc's and was going to duel box 2 characters with 2 mercs. What would be recommended for both class and race? I was leaning to level a dps and a tank. Much appreciated.

  2. Fluid Augur

    #1 Get your old account back. Contact customer service, just about any info will do like your old email account or character names. It is really important for the perks to have an old account.

    I have an extreme bias towards Druids. Great for transportation and killing. Lots of people choose Wizard for the same reason and they have a point. I wouldn't add both a Wizard and Druid because of the overlap.

    Since you are using mercs => live servers. My other choice would be a pet class like Magician or Necro. Enchanter's are really strong too if you have the time to learn how to use them. Since you plan on running a tank, a healer merc will make everything easy for 50 levels. You can do whatever you want with the second merc, it is sometimes fun to run a caster DPS. It isn't a big deal with trying out mercs, they don't mind being fired. :)

    You also need to tell if you are going to subscribe or just f2p. If you are f2p, the mercs will run out of gas about level 50. In that case you should be able to do your own healing and tanking. I usually chose Halflings for my Druids and Gnomes for my magic tossers. There really isn't much of race penalty anymore, just a couple of places you can't squeeze into if you are too big. Lots of people choose to run female Woodelf Druids because they get a lot of free stuff. hehe
  3. CatsPaws Augur

    It can be easier with just one PC and alt tab screens but it varies person to person. I think more people use 2 PC on the TLP servers to get around the box rules.

    Race is up to more penalty's or benefits of any measure by choosing one over the other. I like the cats so most of my mercs and characters are Vah Shar. My paladin and SK are male humans cause they get a pony tail and wear sexy armor. I made a lizard once and a drakkin but they were just gross - they are now baz toons lol.

    Class is also kinda up to you. Do you like casters or tank types or ones that are both? I like rangers. Added a chanter and very nice group. Then I played a shaman and really like him. So it changes, your not stuck with one. Try one out and if you don't like it then make another. My new shaman replaced my SK - yeah they don't do the same thing and he might be redundant with the chanter but it's what I like.

    You don't say what your using as mercs but mileage can vary on users on those. I use well them into level 85 when you can get the top of the line merc - the J5 for paying accounts. I use healer merc on ranger and tank merc on chanter. Both were Silver which is a version of free and did fine well into 85, then I went paid. Just don't bite off 10 red's and they should support you quite some time.

    Remember there is no perfect group or way to play in EQ - its up to each person as to how they play. My way is not good for many but their way is not good for me:D
  4. Kaylis New Member

    Thank you for that info! I guess it will be all what I like to do and see what I like to play. I am leaning to a Ranger. I will prob sub since I cancelled my WoW/Daoc Accounts.
  5. Vumad Augur

    First, lets start with race. The Tier`Dal are but the one true race. There really is not other choices to consider. (Wood elf is actually the same graphic as DEF and my ranger alt has the DEF mask from the casino.)

    As for classes, it depends a lot. Let's start by acknowledging the difference between good balance and good game play. 2-boxing a ranger is not going to make for great balance, but if you want to be a ranger then making a ranger make for good gameplay.

    Lets start with balance...
    A good group needs a tank, DPS, a healer and a support role. The merc tanks are pretty weak for named or multiples, but decent for single group work. The merc clerics are pretty solid. Most importantly, none of the mercs fill the support role. They will not slow or pull.

    Given that, here are some suggestions...
    Merc tank, Ranger main, SHM box, Cleric merc
    Mage pet tank, ranger main, 2 cleric mercs (or 1 wizard merc)

    If you are not set on a ranger....

    Mage / BST
    Mage / ENC
    Tank / Bard
    Mage / Nec (focusing on undead)

    Almost any combination will work. BST, SHM, ENC, BARD can slow. Real tanks get slow belts. Mage pets make great tanks because they are kind of like mercs, and the mage can use a hot key to cast 5 spells in a row. ENC is easier to box than a bard. etc and so forth.
  6. Fluid Augur

    FWIW: One of my favorite combinations is Magician + Ranger. You lose a lot of the travel benefits you'd have with a Wizard or Druid but get some synergy between the characters. Until level 59 with the Ranger you need a supply of arrows and the Magician can summon them from level 20 up. All the Ranger buffs stick on the Magician pet and it is almost mindless to set up the Ranger shooting arrows from a short distance while the Mage pet tanks. The Ranger brings other stuff to the table like Tracking and eventually gets Spirit of the Wolf. Magician has a very reduced subset of tricks to balance having a strong pet. One of the problems with a Magician is no Root or Snare, this is fixed by having a Ranger.

    The other OK combination is Shaman with just about anything. They get the earliest run speed enhancement, healing, and slows. Rangers are somewhat squishy so if you plan on running one, you are either going to need a great healer i.e. Cleric, great slower for damage mitigation i.e. Shaman, or some character that can manage MOBs i.e. Enchanter. Of course healer mercs are dynamite so that problem is cured by subscribing.

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