Some light hearted server ideas.

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  1. Scrax Elder

    To replace all the "no krono, FV ruleset" and other silly TLP, I present to you some totally serious legitimate TLP concepts:


    All mobs spawn with spirit of the cheetah and fear. These effects drop if the mob enters combat. This would increase dungeon difficulty and make dungeoning more exciting and rewarding

    Runes of Kunark

    All vendor trash runes now apply temporary buffs, different runes can be combined by researches to make higher level runes, the buffs are short and vary wildly. Self explanatorily awesome.


    Every mob in the game has it's loot table randomized based on expansion and level.

    When a mob spawns it is given a loot table of a mob from its expansion of its level.

    For instance killing a lvl 1 spider might give the loot from any level 1 in the game. While killing a raid mob might give the loot from any raid mob in the game of that level.

    This would totally remove toxicity, nothing would be a camp and everything would be a camp, loot would be random and exciting, raiding would be a delight and everyone would need to go to all the raids, because they might have their loot

    Plains of Power

    All outdoor zones are given a 100% exp bonus. This bonus is increased by 50% for each new expansion moving past the zones. This would make much of the world viable for grouping, and would make catching up much easier, since players wandering into the first few open zones would receive huge amounts of exp, allowing them to rapidly catch up to future expansions.

    Dungeons would still remain popular for their loot, but those who took the unconventional path would be rewarded.

    Picks of velipicksus

    Any player may create a pick of their current zone once every 4 hours. The zone will last 4 hours and respawn like normal. Once it is about to shut down the player may extend their created pick.

    You may enter picks of people who you are in a group with.

    Hahaha, Classic!

    All loot is placed in a random person in the zone's loot window when it drops. No more KSing. Toxicity solved.

    Enchanter? I hardly know'er!

    Charm, Mez,and slow are all removed from all classes. Enchanters are given a slight movement speed increase to compensate.

    This heavily balances the servers, will reduce most toxicity, and will greatly increase the games difficulty. Let's be honest, the game would still be super easy, and it would be hilarious to hear the whining.

    You are the biggest ****. Good bye.

    At any point you may /report a targeted player. Once per week the 10 most /reported players are put up for a vote. If one player receives more than 25% of the votes (24 hour voting period), that character is deleted.

    Self explanatory.
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  2. snailish Augur

    While the ease of coding some of these would be debatable...

    Some of them would be fun Quarm events. I will add one:

    Devious Gnome Server
    All NPC spawn as a Devious Gnome. When attacked the NPC can transform into any NPC in the game with appropriate faction consequences and loot.
  3. Scrax Elder

    So like at level 1 you attack a rat and it instantly turns into Naggy? I like it.
  4. RandomStrategy Augur

    Fippy Darkpaw suddenly got his vengeance after turning into a dragon.
  5. code-zero Augur

    I don't believe stripping enchanters of their best class abilities or allowing votes on deleting characters is even remotely "lighthearted"

    All loot placed on a random character? then I don't even have to KS, just sit semi AFK and profit
  6. Mossaa New Member

    And people posting silly stuff like your suggestions get banned forever

  7. snailish Augur

    Limited to 1 character on the server.

    Every day your character's race/class randomly changes at 4am Pacific.
  8. RandomStrategy Augur

    Name the server Gaslight

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