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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Sevendust, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. Sevendust New Member

    Why the the servers run like ? Load times.. Chat lag.. like.. this is a 21 year old game and for some reason with all of our technology out there and multiple ways of being able to run this game and.. still.. no one can run a smooth TLP..

    So what in the ? Update the servers already
  2. Mercanyin Augur

    They have been slowly combining all their servers onto less and less hardware to save on money.
  3. Honkietonk Lorekeeper

    the hamster running in the wheel died and the only substitute they could find was a squirrel with moderate autism. sorry, but these load times are the new everquest.
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  4. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Answer ironically is that these problems have to some degree been caused by trying to do exactly what you have suggested in this post - updating the servers.

    It's a long post but Jenn Chan has given a pretty in-depth breakdown of what has been going on & some details on what they are doing to fix the problems:

    If you can't be bothered to read all of that the bullet points are:

    1. they incorporated some new hardware
    2. there were unforseen problems due to new hardware
    3. some issues are still unresolved & an ongoing investigation into those to find the underlying problems before solutions can be created is taking place
    4. new infrastructure put in place to address performance bottlenecks, ongoing assessment of those
    5. the warning systems related to character file sizes were not alerting ops, so fixes had to go in to address the warning system & also they put in place a way to allow larger character file sizes these file size issues had been the root cause of some major server crashing
    6. hardware infrastructure failures, several of these have plagued EQ, some relating to the datacentre load management & traffic handling, some were specific to EQ servers
    7. working with infrastructure partners to build in more robust maintenance - this will take time to fully iterate

    That's my own breakdown of the post but there's a lot I haven't covered & more that can be understood from reading the full article.
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  5. Sevendust New Member

    Well if I may - I do a lot of reading already as a job :p But I have seen quite a few threads with the same concern but no answers were really direct up until this point.. so I thought that I would go ahead and create a thread that I can follow and provide information as it comes to those with the same concern
  6. Stune Augur

    Soon, soon Pantheon will be out... counting my days
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  7. haaaalp Augur

    Pantheon won't be out until 2081.
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  8. Prodigal New Member

    They are trying to replicate the old school dial up modem experience from 1999.
  9. Zansobar Augur

    Their database demand is the issue.
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  10. Tucoh Augur

    This is all true if you believe anything DPG says about what's going on.

    I don't.
  11. ayoforYayoh Augur

    I'm also going to be playing pantheon...

    but do you really think i believe people are going to play pantheon without complaining on the Visionary realms forum non stop?

    When Panth launches and the world shiits on their login server day 1 i can promise you the top threads are going to read something like "GG I WAITED 17 YEARS FOR THIS TRASH!!!?!?!?!!?" Then youll go on a 3 page rant about President Bezos.
  12. Buster_Shruggs Augur

    LOL, I think they spend more time developing tiers of "pledges" than they do with finishing the game. It would be nice if it actually came out; Id certainly try it.
  13. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    I think MMO are the behemoths of gaming, any MMO is a complicated beast & as you rightly point out Pantheon is almost inevitably going to have some issues with servers, it would be nigh on miraculous & highly improbable for them not to, same goes for pretty much any online game though.
  14. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    What's the alternative "unbeliever" list of plausible suggestions of why these things happened then?

    I can give you a minute to fully strap on your tin-foil hat if you need.
  15. Tucoh Augur

    Won't take long.

    DPG moved their servers externally. They chose a budget server farm, underprovisioned the hardware and pushed out internal staff that had experience managing servers. They now don't have the expertise to solve core problems with their back-end code, don't have expertise on managing servers and are stuck with budget-vendor and underprovisioned hardware.
  16. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Well all you did there was parrot some of what JChan said with a more deeply pessimistic twist on it and zero facts to back it up either, 90% speculation basically.
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  17. Tweakfour17 Augur

    The very best part about what you said is even IF Pantheon could see this coming and allocated 10x login server resources than even the most ambitious targets predict they'd need and someone manage to not have a horrible launch, that would be evidence in most forum questers eyes that the game is DoA. ...pfft everyone logged in and had a good time? enjoy your dead server.o_O
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  18. Accipiter Old Timer

    No you aren't
  19. KimchiGoddess Augur

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