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    So i'm rather new to playing an Sk.. found a few topics on hotkeys etc. what I cant seem to find is a good write up on What AA I should focus on right now. My CS/CA are maxed. Natural durability, general sturdiness, armor of wisdom are all maxed. What are the AA I need to get asap and what should I wait till later to get ? thanks in advance. Sk is level 105.
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    Can also check out the official SK class community at

    Tons of great information there.
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    That's because base set of AAs is almost the same for each class. Start off general tab and max out anything that adds to your survivability first - mitigation and HP/MANA/END. Do the same for DPS. Move on to the archetype tab and do the same. once you those tabs maxed out (shouldn't take to long because of autogrant), then it's time to start cherry picking from the other tabs.

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