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  1. Wyvern Lorekeeper

    I have not seen any decent posts anywhere for Shaman Hotkeys, so here I will post what I have so far. Some people prefer "Multi-Binding" but you can basically do the same thing in a more organized manner with macro "hotkeys." I mostly box my shaman, as most people do these days. I hope these help. (Note: I don't have TBM expan.)

    Shaman Hotkeys:

    Malo Slow Crip -- Debuff hotkey - 1st thing I hit.
    /pause 13, /alt act 1041 (Malosinete)
    /pause 27, /cast 1 (Crippling Counterbias)
    /pause 12, /alt act 3729 (Turgur's Swarm, 7s)
    /g %T slowed and debuffed.
    /timer 30, /cast 7 (Wisp of Renewal)
    -- I double up on the slow to ensure slow is in.

    AE Slow+ -- AE Debuff hotkey (30s reuse)
    /timer 300, /alt act 2064 (Wind of Malosinete, 2m)
    /pause 12, /alt act 638 (Crippling Apparition, 7m)
    /alt act 856 (Tirgir's Insect Swarm, 30s)
    /g AE slowed and debuffed.

    Debuff [10m] -- Super Debuff hotkey
    /timer 6000, /alt act 857 (Dampen Resistance, 7.5m)
    /alt act 1211 (Focus of Arcanum, 10m)
    /pause 13, /alt act 1041 (Malosinete, 9s)
    /pause 12, /alt act 1270 (Crippling Spirit, 6m)
    /alt act 3729 (Turgur's Swarm, 7s)

    DPS [Mash] - I mash this after slow hotkey and between ADPS, heals, etc.
    /alt activate 15073 (Banestrike)
    /cast 10 (Banescale's Venom)
    /cast 9 (Reefmaw's Bite)
    /useitem 27 3 (Bottled Essence of Vex)
    /useitem 27 2 (Necromatic Dragon Bone)
    -- This will cast whatever is available to do damage. No pauses to reduce healing issues.

    Epic ADPS+ [3m+] - epic, wolf, leopard (non-burn hotkey) 3 min reuse.
    /pause 12, /useitem 23 11 (Epic 2.0, 3m)
    /alt act 619 (Group Pact of the Wolf) - tell group to block the Group Pact of the Wolf Form
    /pause 22, /useitem 23 12 (Terror's Juju, 3m) - this could be something else...
    /timer 1800, /cast 12 (Talisman of the Leopard, 54s duration) - low ADPS process
    /g (Shaman) Epic, Wolf, Leopard. Go hit something!!!

    Epic 3rd [10m] - Burn hotkey: 3rd spire, epic, wolf, leopard.
    /timer 6000, /alt act 1492 (3rd Spire, 10m) - new AA can make this faster reuse.
    /pause 12, /useitem 23 11 (Epic 2.0, 3m)
    /alt act 619 (Group Pact of the Wolf) - tell group to block the Group Pact of the Wolf Form
    /cast 12 (Talisman of the Leopard, 54s duration) - low ADPS process
    /g (Shaman) 3rd Spire, Epic, Wolf, Leopard. Go hit something!!!
    -- (option) /pause 7, /useitem 23 13 (Circle of Life clicky, 30m) in place of Wolf if you want.

    Pet Attack - Go dog dog and friends!
    /pause 2, /stance Balanced (just to make sure merc is activate)
    /xtarget 2 (group/raid assist target, preset)
    /pet attack
    /alt act 177 (Spirit Call)
    /useitem 27 1 (Vicious Rabbit, if Spirit Call is down) - yes the rabbit chases the dog, humm! LOL!
    -- (optional) /pause 7, /alt act 3816 (Companion's Relocation, in place of xtarget)

    Stand+ -- stand and invis button
    /alt activate 630 (invis)

    MGB A. Aid - must use out of combat, just before engage.
    /timer 7200, /alt act 992 (Tranquil Blessings)
    /alt act 447 (Ancestral Aid)
    /alt act 321 (Call of the Ancients - Ward)
    /rsay *** MGB Ancestral Aid ***
    /g [Call of the Ancients Ward Active]

    Mana [2m]
    /g [Bites his tail and gnaws his leg] Cannie Time!
    /pause 22, /alt activate 47 (Cannibalization)
    /pause 8, /useitem 4 (Geomantra, right ear)
    /timer 1170, /cast 4 (xxx Recourse)
    /cast 7 (xxx of Renewal) -- if Recourse is down
    -- Note: Geomantra does not help with the damage from Canni AA, but removes the buff.

    Cure [1m] - press again to use next cure.
    /xtarget 1 (group/raid tank, preset)
    /timer 650, /alt act 153 (Radiant Cure)
    /useitem 23 16 (Cleansing Rod)
    /xtarget 2 (group/raid assist, preset)
    /useitem 23 17 (Shield of the Immaculate) or /alt act 626 (Purified Spirits)

    Guard (Bear) - if you find yourself taking damage and don't want to Totem. 30min reuse.
    /timer 18000, /alt act 528 (Ancestral Guard)
    /pause 7, /alt act 618 (Armor of Ancestral Spirits)
    /alt act 50 (Rabid Bear) - recommend blocking Rabid Bear Form (song)
    /pause 5, /useitem 17 (BP clicky)
    /cast 4 (xxx Recourse or Intervention)

    Buff (Long) - permanent/long buffs
    /alt act 1666 (Group Perf. Levitation)
    /alt act 707 (Pact of the Wolf)
    /pause 7, /useitem 8 (backitem Spikes ds)
    /pause 52, /useitem 23 1 (Familar)
    /useitem 23 2 (Dreamcatcher Nimbus) - tiny mana regen

    Buff (Short) - short/medium duration clicky buffs
    /pause 42, /alt act 2049 (Talisman of Celerity)
    /pause 12, /alt act 149 (Preincarnation)
    /pause 7, /useitem 4 (Geomantra, right ear)
    /alt act 619 (Group Pact of the Wolf) - tell group to block the Group Pact of the Wolf Form
    /alt act 627 (Group Spirit Walk, 5m reuse)

    Buff (Target) -- mem quick Buffs and cast them on target.
    /pause 62, /memspellset (Quick) Buff
    /pause 58, /cast 8 (Unity)
    /pause 47, /cast 10 (Spirit of the Faithful)
    /pause 17, /cast 11 (Sluggishness)
    /alt act 2049 (Talisman of Celerity)

    Heal [Group] - I press this to cast the best available group heal [Mash] button.
    /timer 35, /cast 5 (Intervention)
    /cast 4 (Recourse)
    /cast 6 (Surge) --- this might not hit group depending on your target
    /cast 7 (Renewal)
    /useitem 17 (BP, group heal)

    Heal [Target] - I press this to cast the best available single heal [Mash] button.
    /timer 35, /cast 2 (Reckless)
    /cast 6 (Surge)
    /cast 3 (Mending)

    Twin Heal [xT1] - I press this to twin cast the best available single heal.
    /timer 80, /xtarget 1 (preset to group/raid tank)
    /pause 27, /cast 8 (Gift nuke)
    /pause 27, /cast 2 (Reckless)
    /cast 6 (Surge) - if reckless is down
    /xtarget 2 (preset to group/raid assist, optional)

    AE Heal [xT1] - AE (MGB) heal
    /timer 30300, /xtarget 1 (preset to group/raid tank)
    /alt act 35 (MGB)
    /cast 4 (Recourse)
    /cast 7 (Renewal) - if recourse is down (MGB Intervention in place?)
    /xtarget 2 (preset to group/raid assist, optional)

    UoS SG [xT1] - Union of Spirits, Spirit Guardian on MT
    /timer 7200, /xtarget 1 (or other xtarget if you prefer this on DPS)
    /alt act 662 (Union of Spirits)
    /pause 7, /alt act 614 (Spirit Guardian)
    /xtarget 2 (preset to group/raid assist, optional)
    /cast 3 (Mending)

    Set Roles
    /xtarget set 1 grouptank
    /xtarget set 2 groupassisttarget
    /grouproles set 'an amygdalan nightlord459028' 1 (note: current merc #)
    /grouproles set {name} 2 (group assist)
    /grouproles set {name} 1 (group MT)
    -- cmd: /grouproles list will show your merc #

    DoTs 9-6 - Root rotting #1
    /pause 13, /alt act 1041 (Malo)
    /pause 40, /cast 9 (S. Pandemic)
    /pause 40, /cast 8 (F. Malosenia)
    /pause 25, /cast 7 (E. Curse 1s)
    /timer 225, /cast 6 (Nectar of Anguish)
    -- I am only 103 so replace with newer spell.

    DoTs 5-1 - Root rotting #2: cast after set 1
    /pause 40, /cast 5 (P.Spider Blood)
    /pause 40, /cast 4 (Naganaga)
    /pause 40, /cast 3 (Hoodo)
    /pause 32, /cast 2 (S. Malady, 1.5s)
    /timer 120, /cast 1 (B. Venom)
    -- I am only 103 so replace with newer spell.

    These might not be the best ones out there but just some I use.

    Note: does not include TBM AA, spells, items., I do not have all AAs and I am only 103.
  2. Yimin Augur

    Thank you for a very well put together macro set up ..

    Yi Min
  3. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Why do you put Talisman of the Leopard in a hotkey when you should be casting Roar of the Lion for a better proc buff and a heal over time more often then you need to hit that hotkey.
  4. Brohg Augur

  5. Wyvern Lorekeeper

    -- responses above: as I mentioned just replace newer spells, AA, etc as needed.

    I forgot my 2 buttons for tribute:

    TRIB (On)
    /timer 140000, /tribute personal on - long timer to show I clicked it
    /tribute guild on
    /trophy personal on
    /trophy guild on
    /g Tribute Activated!

    TRIB (Off)
    /tribute personal off
    /tribute guild off
    /trophy personal off
    /trophy guild off
    /g Tribute Deactivated!

    If anyone has other hotkeys or better ways to do any keys I have posted for shaman, please add them or comment.
  6. Vdidar Augur

    The answer is already stated......
  7. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I am still wondering why you bother to put them in a hotkey when you should be keeping the spell up all the time during a fight anyway.
  8. Iila Augur

    Low effort boxing. He's not trying play the characters to their best, just better than they would be with a command every 10 or 15 seconds.
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  9. Raccoo Augur

    I didn't think recourse and renewal could be MGBed. Although I've only tried renewal.
  10. Brohg Augur

    Ancestral Aid Tranqs/MGBs
  11. Wyvern Lorekeeper

    I posted a hotkey that I was experimenting with:

    AE Heal [xT1] - AE (MGB) heal
    /timer 30300, /xtarget 1 (preset to group/raid tank)
    /alt act 35 (MGB)
    /cast 4 (Recourse)
    /cast 7 (Renewal) - if recourse is down (MGB Intervention in place?)
    /xtarget 2 (preset to group/raid assist, optional)
    -- This key has been DELETED
    -- MGB/tranq does not affect group heal spells or clickies it looks.
    -- Also does not help with Talisman of the Leopard
    -- Other than A. Aid and normal buffs this can not be used for "super" effects.

    Confusing info about what can be used - I read clerics could use for mass heals so figured shaman could also. Anyhow key deleted.
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  12. Sowslow Elder

    You seem to have a macro for just about everything a shaman can do, except rooting.
    So the only thing you might want to add is a root macro. I used to have one when playing a mage alt that would xtar 2 (or whatever the second aggroed mob) and hit AA virulent paralysis. Then xtar 3 and hit AA paralytic sprores. Obviously this only works on two adds and paralytic spray would work better for lots of adds, but sometimes positioning doesn't allow for spray to work as well on an alt, so this might be useful to have for some.
  13. Wyvern Lorekeeper

    Now that Shaman is an excellent DPS class here are 2 new DPS keys:

    DPS [18s]
    /pause 27, /cast 8 Serpentil's Venom / Gorangu
    /pause 15, /pet attack
    /pause 27, /cast 9 Sephry's Malady / Reef Crawler's Blood
    /pause 7, /alt act 148 Malosinete
    /timer 74, /cast 7 Tribal Pact 18s reuse / Nuke
    -- This is a bit long for a hotkey but my shaman is not main healer.
    -- low mana use when using "swift" dots.
    Note: I do not have the new combined dot nuke.

    DPS [1m+] - most of the 1min stuff in one key
    /pause 27, /cast 10 Nectar of Woe 1m 15s duration
    /pause 7, /alt act 148 Malosinete
    /pause 1, /alt act 15073 Banestrike 1m reuse
    /pause 7, /useitem 28 3 Darkened Jaundiced Bone Bracer 2m reuse
    /timer 735, /cast 6 Renewal 1m duration

    I am thinking about adding a DPS [2m] button for Livio's Affiliation. I would need to drop Tribal Pact or the nuke.

    DPS [2m+] - most of the 2min stuff in one key
    /pause 12, /cast 11 Livio's Affiliation 2m 15s duration
    /pause 22, /alt act 47 (Cannie) 2m reuse
    /cast 4 Recourse heal
    /cast 5 Invervention
    /timer 1335, /cast 3 Surge
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  14. Wyvern Lorekeeper

    Error DPS [18s]
    /pause 7, /alt act 148 Malosinete
    /pause 15, /useitem 28 2 Necromatic Dragon Bone

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