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  1. Graethos Journeyman

    I played on Agnarr until nobody raided at night anymore. I miss eq but I dont want to start over. When Mangler gets to ldon or oow can I transfer there? It looks like u can currently only transfer to a Live server. I would pay $$$ and resub when the time comes. p99 is boring i need dbg qol
  2. Machen Augur

  3. Graethos Journeyman

    it makes sense, there's no unfair advantage having waited until mangler passes where agnarr is locked. nobody raids when I can play anymore so I cancelled my sub many months ago. nobody gonna be playing at level 65 on live
  4. Clove New Member

    Once Mangler is at LDON you'll have a lot of time to catch up if you just roll a new toon. Its likely worth going through the leveling process again as you'll have people to play with.
  5. ayoforYayoh Augur

    I'm not sure why Daybreak even bothers to repeatedly explain rules and circumstances of a specific server before it's launched. It seems to have no effect.
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  6. Machen Augur

    Sure there is. Before Mangler even came into existence, you already had a full year to farm pop gear, aa's, plat, level up tradeskills, etc, etc, etc. By the time Mangler gets to LDON, they will have been in pop for three months and you will have been in pop for two years. That is a massive advantage over the players that just started this year on Mangler. It would majorly disrupt Mangler's economy.

    Either way though, DBG was clear there would be no transfers when you started on the server. They have never allowed transfers between tlp's with different rulesets or different start times.
  7. Graethos Journeyman

    when i first started there was no mangler and the server died. i would love to continue playing on agnarr but theres no raiding for me anymore the late night crew moved servers. i know the rules i read the rules but i dont wanna start over toons so whats the harm in expressing my wish
  8. Machen Augur

    There's no harm in your expressing your wish, nor is there harm in me telling you that it's a selfish thing to ask for, and there's good reason DBG shouldn't give you what you want.
  9. Skuz Augur

    Maybe one day EQ will move it's twenty year old infrastructure to a new swanky cloudbased system & server transfers can be way more easily accomplished.

    For now though transferring is not a simple or easy task due to the old system so don't expect much.

    Your best option is a straightforward re-roll elsewhere.
  10. Conq Augur

    Or stop re-rolling and starting over and level up on live. Enjoy the toon you learned and loved and leveled. Then if you want to raid, raid any night of the week you like, pick a server, pick a raiding guild...just sayin.
  11. Xeris Augur

    I mean, you clearly are on forums and discord all the time, with the amount of energy you're spending trying to manufacture raiding times on Agnarr you can just make a char on Mangler and by the time you hit max level and aas, pop will be out and you can continue where you left off.

    If you WANT to be playing EQ but aren't... Just resub and start on Mangler.
  12. Nolrog Augur

    Server transfers are available. Just buy a character transfer token on the market, 2500 DBC (2250 with account.) There are some restrictions on where you can transfer from and to.

    Account to account transfers are not available.
  13. Skuz Augur

  14. Machen Augur

    Look at the post he was replying to. Server transfers ARE actually very easily accomplished, you just have to be transferring to a server that is eligible to receive transfers. The system works just fine, and where it is not allowed, it is by design.
  15. Skuz Augur

    Uhm, he was replying to me.

    It was obvious from the earlier posts most knew about the ability to server transfer but that some are excluded so his post was superfluous, hence why i responded that way. Your post is a "were you even paying attention" when you clearly weren't.

    Tip: Read all the posts or you lose context.

    My original post wasn't ignorant of the transfer system that exists, but I think it's still poor, having played other games server transferring is FAR easier than it is in EQ, faster & can be done between different server rulesets too with some caveats like no in game cash.

    Could have made it plain I knew that to avoid assumptions being made that I didn't I guess.
  16. Machen Augur

    So, you are just wrong. Server transfers ARE a simple and easy task. You buy a transfer token, click it, select your server, and bam... two minutes later you are logging in to the new server.

    It is not complicated, difficult, or even remotely hindered by the game's architecture.

    The ONLY thing hindering server transfers is policy preventing it, for good reason, from certain servers to certain other servers. No cloud based architecture or any other coding change will make a difference there.
  17. Skuz Augur

    Have you ever played a MMO which has a cloud based architecture? IF you had you'd know why server transfers on games which do are not only free, but can easily account for differences between rulesets with simple scripts, EQ cannot do that totally due to its older architecture. And a dev could confirm that for you.
  18. Machen Augur

    You still seem to be missing that this is policy, for design reasons, not architecture. They do not WANT unlimited server transfers. They want it restricted. If they wanted it, and they wanted to account for differences between rulesets, it would be fairly easily accomplished. It's a matter of data, not architecture.
  19. Skuz Augur

    They CAN'T have unlimited transfers with their architecture & therefore they must limit transfers in many ways.

    If they could have unlimited transfers they'd be free, they aren't because transferring that data costs them to do it, they could do the "feeder server" idea no problem if they had a more modern architecture, so it is a limitation in several scenarios, also cross-server play isn't possible, regardless of the debate on the pros & cons on that they just cannot do it.

    Cause & effect.
  20. Accipiter Augur

    Wow, you just aren't getting it.

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