Server Merger for PST/Hawaiian Raiders

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Rumplestilskin, May 13, 2019.

  1. Rumplestilskin Lorekeeper

    I wanted to bring this to the Devs' attention one more time, without the thread headers of denial, or passive aggressive long winded deniers of our problem in thread responses, or snarky comments. Many of us on the West Coast and Hawaii believe we need the practical consolidation of players from our time zones or we will not be able to raid high end anymore, and thus players will not continue as EQ gamers. This is a very real fear for us.
    A server merger with Bertox or Cazic joining Erollisi would accomplish this albeit artificially. Both servers have had very strong West Coast / Hawaiian raiding guilds in the past and thus I believe still have our time zone players lurking about. I don't think anyone wants the West Coast /Hawaiian raiders to not have enough players to field 45+ raiders a raid night for current TBL raids. We have plenty of players on Erollisi, just not enough West Coast/Hawaiian raiders. Recruiting these specific time zone players from the other servers, then getting them to transfer over , just doesn't seem to be a viable alternative for anyone at this point of the greatest game in history.
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  2. Aurastrider Augur

    I will say that Tunare has AH (after hours) public raiding or I assume they are still raiding. They raid around 8 or 9 PM PST on Friday and Saturday nights. Has your guild tried doing public raids to fill the void? I know it's not a perfect solution but it might be worth a shot for right now. I know the first raid guild I played with let me raid while staying in my current guild. Maybe a semi public or inviting guests might be a short term solution.
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  3. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Server merger won't help you at all. If anything it is more likely to hurt your guild. Campaigning for something more along the lines of a cheaper server transfer option would be a much better solution.
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  4. Concerned Druid New Member

    Good idea for this server merger.
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  5. Smokezz Augur

    Another post? LOL...
  6. Verily Tjark Augur

    OP tried to butter them up with that greatest game in history bit at the end. DBG is too clever to fall for your flattery!
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  7. Puzzling Journeyman


    25$ is too much to ask of all of these horribly abused & ignored players to band together on 1 server. They require special consideration.

    How about a (1) time free transfer to a server, that they can never leave! So that they may all go die on an island with all of their special time zones friends!
  8. Yinla Augur

  9. Belkar_OotS Augur

    Agreed with above. Asking for a merger won't help since it requires resources to make possible that don't exist now.

    If you want a change you should lobby with another like minded guild to get some kind of help or group discount to transfer yourselves. Expect to move. Don't expect others to do it for you. Its not fair.

    Next best hope would be to ask DBG to designate a specific server as Pacific and Oceania friendly, give a 2 week free transfer for people in those billing states from other servers and hope it works.

    Again. You and your guild should find you match.

    Cazic Thule ( After Hours alliance - Ibadan Kun'Tirel )
    Bertox ( Descendents - Enceladus )
    Bristlebane ( Circle of Legends )
    Erollisi Marr ( Ne Cede Malice raid team )
    Rathe ( Scarlet Vengeance and Frayed Knot that starts at 5:30pm Pacific time )
    Tunare (After Hours Open Raids and Lunacy Unbound raids at 5:30 PST)
    Firiona Vie ( Prosperitas )

    Bertox ( Wreckers )

    I am assuming this is NCM people asking, so I'd reach out to Circle of Legends and Prosperitas to see what options exist there. With extra focus on Bristlebane since 3 other big raiding guilds makes it a destination server where people will seek an on server option first of their life schedule changes.

    Your raid times also compliment the raid times well of the existing guilds on the rathe. Could pick up some people there since it has a little bit of a Pacific time leaning for raids and if you allow open/guest raiders could likely get some higher end dual raiders.
  10. Conq Augur

    Just to clarify for Tunare - After Hours runs open raids Fri & Sat nights starting at 21:00 GMT-7 (9pm PST) and separately, Lunacy Unbound raids Mon, Tues, Wed starting at 17:30 GMT-7 (5:30 PST).
  11. Belkar_OotS Augur

    Do you know who the contact people are and how many people are showing up for After Hours? (curious and assuming it would help the OP).
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  12. Odiiusx Elder

    Just because you are all in the same time zone doesn't mean you would all want to play with each other. You could always test out your compatibility in a raid environment by making a guild on Test server. You would lose nothing by doing this other then 1 or 2 raid cycles on your main account.

    If that test worked out, then you could all come here in a joint effort requesting something feasible like a reduced price for transfer tokens. $25 is a bit on the steep side these days with the amount of accounts individuals have.
  13. Mazame Augur

    You are not able to get people to come over from other servers to join your guild. So you think that forcing people to join your server by way of a server merge is going to to make people want to join your guild?
  14. Mazame Augur

    If the issue is the "cost of transferring" That people are begging for a server merger to happen then Daybreak could do an easy fix. All they would have to do is offer a Free one time transfer token in the market. That way if a "guild" feels their server is dead then the whole guild could transfer to a sever they feel would make a better option for them.

    With sever merger in the past they offer a free transfer after the merger anyways for people that ended up in a place they are not happy. So rather then having to spend the time and resources to move everyone they could just let the player do the moving.

    This would also solve the name issue as those transferring would have to change name if it was already taken.

    As I have posted I don't think a server merge is going to solve a guilds problem of low attendance.
    I also feel that when people want to be in a different guild then Server transfers are an option and many people do it all the time. What guild need to do if they want more players is to put effort into getting more people. a forced merger is not the answer.
  15. Belkar_OotS Augur

    As an aside. It would be nice if Elite Gamers Lounge posted the raid times and days for the guilds listed. Obviously mid guilds need help connecting.

    Using Test as a testing ground is a great idea. Or... Save your transfer cash and enjoy being trapped on a double experience server lol.
  16. Nifty Slacker Augur

    Maybe the dozen players that want a server merge should cough up the money and transfer yourselves.
  17. Conq Augur

    Kindoz, Guildleader of Avenging Storm runs AH. Lately a good night looks like 58 people, a slow night is 35. But Tunare is the same as other servers - less and less population to draw raiders from.
  18. Moldar Augur

    I got a free transfer to the Forum Quest Server... there is always somebody special to talk to it has been great so far! ;)
  19. Raccoo Augur

    Wish raid instances could allow for cross-server invites. Would probably help more than getting people to move servers.
  20. Allayna Augur

    EGL has each guilds website if the guild has kept it up to date...just click their guild name.
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