Server Just Crashed

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by DillyBar, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. DillyBar Elder

  2. llelana New Member

    They crashed last night and I lost a level, was almost back to 20 when they crashed again, maybe its me! :(
  3. Jmnnn New Member

    Yeah I was level 54 and now I’m 45 again, Darkpaw gaming is looking a lot like fails at running game servers... I suggest they compensate with some double exp or something I mean yes it’s my own doing to spend
    About $200 a month on a Game, it’s something to due, but it’s also an inconvenience to everyone that also pays to not be able
    To log on or play and not once but has crashed multiple times
    Already, so I’d hope they plan on doing something for us. It’s the logical thing to do for their customers
    Especially because it DOESN’T cost them anything to put double exp into the game.
  4. Rebelicious Elder

    Luckily I just started this fiasco and remain at level 1. I suppose there is a chance I might log in nonexistent at some point ><!
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  5. Astley Augur

    Rollbacks are you know, typically not that long because of the way the server updates... if you rolled back THAT many levels... I'm gonna take a guess your character was being AOE PLed in the Deep or something, and hadn't zoned in awhile...

    Not sure if it will help, but you should try deleting some copper pieces after every EXP spike from your PLing. That might help cause the server to update your character profile to a more recent one. I think it used to help at least because money changes cause updates to try and prevent coin duping.
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