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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Pikollo, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Pikollo Journeyman

    So correct me if I am wrong here (and I know this has probably been brought up many times). Motm bosses unlock as followed.

    Original EQ - Gates of Discord
    Kunark - DoN
    Velious - Prophecy of Ro
    Luclin - The Buried Sea
    PoP - Seeds of Destruction

    So basically once this starts in Gates its every 2 expansions for motm to go away on older raid bosses. I understand why motm was put in but what I don't understand is why so long between unlocks? In gates the original EQ bosses basically don't have anything useful except alt gear at that point and weight reduct bags. By the time Kunark comes out we will have been level 70 and epic 1.5/2.0 so they are basically worthless. Velious is kind of a grey area as we will still be 70 in Prophecy of Ro but at this point trash drops are better then what velious bosses have.

    On selo we move pretty fast. Why not make the unlocks start with gates, then every expansion after until PoP? For starters it would allow those who have not been able to finish their epics catch up a little in OoW. It would make some revamped zone quests more doable. It would allow smaller groups to go back in content to gear up a little. If unlocks come a little faster then the content would still have a little meaning to some people. Instead of waiting so long when the only people that go back will do it to say they solo'd it or maybe get a clicky. Lets face it. In PoR or SoD no one is going to go back to Velious or SoD to kill stuff unless I am missing something.

  2. Dythan Augur

    I think it's fine.
  3. Gana Augur

    The day LDoN unlocked, I was in PoHate before the unlock. The minis has MotM on them. Last night, I was in PoHate and the minis no longer have MotM.
  4. Gremin Augur

    The locks are so long because they want to be sure that farmers content is not relevant by the time they can box it with 6 mages or whatever, imo.
  5. Pikollo Journeyman

    Hate got revamped in LDoN so you were in the new hate. Basically the old raid minis turned into group minis. Inny and Maestro still have motm.

    I understand the locks are so long because people will farm them/group them. But in PoR are you gonna find any usable gear from a Velious named? Or will you go time gear yourself in SoD when you could do group gear in SoD which is better? The only items I can think worth farming is maybe a clicky or a haste item. But even then there are better items and aa's in these eras.

    I personally just think the unlocks are so far away from the expansions that its kind of pointless at that point. If it were changed slightly then some of the old raid gear might be slightly useful to some people still. In GoD who cares if people farm nag or vox or phini? In OoW who cares if someone goes and kills Trakanon or Talendor? In DoN does it matter if people are farming NToV?
  6. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Motm is fine. You can still duo these bosses if they don't death touch. It sounds like someone just wants to park some afk mages over naggy.

    In ldon, naggy Vox loot is certainly still relevant due to haste. Fortunately, the server has some well roundness to it still and non taos gear is still a thing.
  7. Aziuno Augur

    The only reason MOTM was removed was due to how it worked with Fabled, it was preventing fabled from spawning. They coordinated the removal of MOTM with when Fabled in those era spawn.

    The developers intent is not for someone to be able to walk into a DZ and 1 shot Naggy. If you want to take down an old raid boss, gather some friends. This game is designed to be a social game.

    In full Time gear, you can easily 2-3 man most of these bosses, and in Anguish gear some classes can Solo the content.

    Go ask a friend for help, stop nerfing the game.
  8. suineg Journeyman

    If the Kunark mobs are soloable that early it completely invalidates the 1.0 skip quests.

    The schedule is fine and doesn’t need to be changed.
  9. Pikollo Journeyman

    To duo them you'd need what? Time gear? At least EP? A lot of DPS to get through the mitigation, regen and 125k? hp? And no I don't want to afk park mages. Not even sure what that means since you can only get the DZ once every 3-4 days?

    Thank you Aziuno I understand the unlock schedule now. I'm not asking to nerf the game nor do I hold any illusion it would change. I was more curious as to why it takes so long. I mean most PoP zones are already without the need for a flag. So why would expansions old content be "unlocked" when at the time of the unlock its all but useless. My only thing was IF it were unlocked a little earlier then those not currently raiding Time could catch up a little. It's not a personal thing. If I want the thrill of solo'ing these I can jump on live. I don't see it as nerfing the game but I can see both sides of the fence coming from the raid scene myself (back in the day).

    MotM did not exist when OoW and 1.0 skip quests came out. IMO the skip quests were put in so you didn't waste hours and hours farming one epic quest item and you could get right into 1.5. So originally (and to my understand TLP is supposed to be a "classic experience") when OoW came out you could get 70 and go kill the kunark bosses with 1-2 people and practically solo your epic if you wanted. So whats the difference between now and then?
  10. Pikollo Journeyman

    Rummaged through this post from last year ( ). I'm not an expert on when fabled were released but if the unlocks are supposed to happen 5 era years after the expansion then shouldn't this list be wrong? Shouldn't it be: (assuming LoY and PoP are same era)

    Original EQ bosses stop using MotM once LDoN has unlocked. (putting LoY/PoP in same era)
    Kunark bosses stop using MotM once Gates of Discordhas unlocked.
    Velious bosses stop using MotM once Omens of War has unlocked.
    Luclin bosses stop using MotM once Dragons of Norrath has unlocked.
    Planes of Power bosses stop using MotM once Depths of Darkhollow has unlocked.
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  11. Prathun Developer

    The custom spawn IDs with faster respawn times was what prevented Fabled from working, and is why we changed that a few months back. Though, it's true that we did want to avoid the situation where an NPC was Fabled and had MotM changes.
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  12. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    By OoW everything from Kunark is soloable or revamped. I soloed Sev during PoP on Phinny. Hell i Soloed a VT Boss in OoW. Getting gud invalidates the 1.0 skip quest perhaps you should try that?

  13. malaki Augur

    Fabled with MotM sounds awesome though.
  14. Pikollo Journeyman

    Being 65 invalidates the 1.0 skip quests since most epics are soloable. With the exception of anyone needing a kunark raid boss like VS or Trak. I don't doubt anyone dedicated to a high end raid guild (which I assume you are) could accomplish the feats you claimed (grats btw). So basically what you're saying is join a time guild (Selo's top progression atm) or wait for many expansions (when everything is useless anyways). Its not a bad mentality because you are correct. My only.. concern.. if you will is IF they unlocked sooner (or as stated 4 era's after) some items may still hold a little value and those not dedicated to a top tier guild could get a little use out of the items just as you guys did in era.. But 4 era's later. So in the end why does it matter to a raid guild if Kunark were to unlock in gates and Planes in DoDH?
  15. Dythan Augur

    It doesn't matter, which is why 0 development effort should go into making it so.
  16. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    No, i'm saying you can already do this stuff with a group in Bazaar gear and you should get gud
  17. DeseanJackson Augur

    The unlocks impact other severs more than Selo, but I see this as a non-issue. What’s the hardest boss for epics that MOTM impacts? Trak? He’s killable now with 3, 6 is cake. I suppose DT mobs would still suck but that’s not changing.
  18. qweasy Augur

    It's been a long time since I was in kindergarten but yes I do believe that's a much more accurate way to count to 5.

    And now for my opinion no one asked for...
    Only 1 version of MoTM should be active at any time.
    Classic launches with MoTM 1
    Kunark launches with MoTM 2 but Classic mobs also have MoTM 2
    Velious launches with MoTM 3, Kunark and Classic both get MoTM 3
    etc etc
    GoD opens and all mobs lose MoTM.
  19. Pikollo Journeyman

    Correct me if I am wrong but MoTM 1 is the worst of them and it gets better as it goes down the list 1-2-3 correct? Meaning (and I don't know the numbers just giving an example) MoTM 1 would give a mob like Phini 120k hp, motm 2 on Phini would give him 60k, 3 would give him 30 etc. Is that the order of motms?

    If so that seems like a good idea as the bosses get easier over time until motm simply goes away. I'd say OoW though with a new level cap.
  20. qweasy Augur

    Correct. But I'm not sure exactly how MoTM plays into boss HP as Alla doesn't say anything about it. It may be a simple switch like if boss doesn't have MoTM it has x hp and if it does have MoTM it has y hp. So a Phini with MoTM 1, 2 or 3 may end up with the same hp.

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