Scavenger of the Broken Mirror

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Orbital101, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. Orbital101 Augur

    Unable to find any of the Putrid Poisons from Crypt of Decay. None of the missions spawn any and if they drop off NPCs inside one or all of those missions/HA the drop rate need to be upped as I did not see any drop in about 3 times the amount of factions needed to max. Considering none of the An Ounce of Fetid Flesh Spawn on ground but only from NPCs inside instances its possible it work the same. My guess is that they completely forgot to add them as GP and even on NPCs for the case of Putrid Poisons. Keep in mind that the first 3 Partisan HA associated to the Spirit Armor have ground spawns and that Lxavnom Labors is part of the progression cycle it would make sense to have them spawn inside that instance.

    There is also Idols of Rot from Crypt of Sul That I also mentioned on beta to be missing and apparently as not been added to live. Before I fill up a bug report on DGC id like to know if anyone found any of those. I dont really need to know where, how etc but only to know if the achievement as a box checked.

    Everything else are in game unless the last 3 one im farming for Bright Baubles are missing but let me farm my will out on it before I come to that conclusion.:p
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  2. Coronay Augur

    I can't seem to find the Shard of Cabilisian Diamond anywhere for Idols of Rot in Sul
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  3. Orbital101 Augur

    That one was actually the reason why I wanted to post in the first place and completely forgot to add in the name of the missing collection. It was also missing on beta.

    You know something is wrong when you have 71 double of every other collection of that.
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  4. Vazuvius Augur

    They are spawning, you just can't get to them. I've noticed several HA's / Open world spawns are literally inside the chest of the Bokon NPC's and you can't actually click on them even though you can see them. It's also possible they just aren't in yet. We killed for HOURS (Probably 10 or 12) in Crypt of Sul for the EM earing, we never saw a single collectible drop. We came back after the zone reset and the first two mobs we killed dropped rare zone items (level 100 garbage worse than purchased with currency gear, but that's beside the point I guess) and we got a collective every other mob or so. I honestly don't understand how this expansion is so fudged.
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  5. P-Diddy New Member

    Add: "See the broken Mirror" is busted. Its the first achievement of the collections for Health, Life and Decay. I have completed Relics of Health but it does not update "See the broken mirror".

    All the bright Baubles do drop, just takes time and luck.

    Also Missing the shard of Cabilisian Diamond.

    Putrid Poisons: I have tried every HA and mission. I have tried killing all the mobs. No drops or ground spawns.
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  6. Silv Augur

    Check your achievements for "The Broken Mirror Darkly". You'll have Relics of Decay checked off (which is impossible to complete atm due to a set not dropping). Finishing the Health collections is updating Crypt of Decay =)
  7. Derek Journeyman

    Where do the bright baubles drop? Regular plane of health or in a HA?
  8. Randragon Augur

  9. Bluey Lorekeeper

    Putrid Poisons:
    collectibles are all in Lxavnom Labors
    - very easy to get
    - ground collectibles respawn after some time
    - you can get all in about 2h in this task
    - 3 rare ones: Black Bane, Rust Venom, Toxic Rum

    Groundspawn collectibles seem to be attached completely to one zone part.
    Bottom of CryptDecay is different and complete to Upper of Crypt Decay, each one Achievement.
    I assume that every of the Partisan Tasks have his own Collectible Achievement Task.

    Using a rogue before spawning the last 4 shinies for collecting them is easy like nothing. With SOS even the traps get activated without harming the rogue. If you use the complete time I think it is possible to collect 3 complete sets of Putrid Poison.
  10. Silv Augur

    They will currently pop in any of the COD HAs. They aren't intended to respawn (they're acting like normal static zone collection pieces) and it's going to be fixed, so... get em now :)
  11. Bluey Lorekeeper

    I assumed so.. any other collectibles which have the same bug?
    Nice to have not only bugs which has only disadvantages - compensates a little if you have alts ;)
  12. Bluey Lorekeeper

    btw, it seems "Fate rewards the bold" has the opposite. No shinies at all after message, checked the whole freaking zone, no trigger found and no shinies dropped :(
  13. Orbital101 Augur

    Decay Decreased have them up soon as you zone in... nerf inc!
  14. Orbital101 Augur

    they do spawn but have fun looking in vase or behind a chair that is very close of a wall.
  15. Kiillz Augur

    this and also what Bluey said, i must have gotten dozen of them over weekend
  16. Azrael Elder

    Working on getting these done, few more left, but having a hard time figuring out exactly where they spawn. Anyone know whether the following are dropped or groundspawn, and instanced or regular? And what area in the zone?

    Bright Baubles - POH/dropped/regular zone is what was posted above, any particular mobs?
    Medal from the Living (Demi-Decay)
    Gathering of Slime (CoD)
    Idols of Rot (Sul)
    An Ounce of Fetid Flesh (Sul - this is the only one I have zero in)
    Raiments of Rot (Sul)

    Any assistance is appreciated, just need to know whether its instanced/regular, dropped/groundspawn. Thanks!
  17. Azrael Elder

    Finished Bright Baubles, took a few, esp with the lag, but can confirm they all drop in the static zone. I just went around the outer ring about 50x killing mobs, not too many available, pretty sparse spawns. Everything except the unicorns charm (typically the first player on aggro), so it's pretty annoying.

    Has anyone gotten the Shard of Cabilisian Diamond yet? That's the last one I need for Idols of Rot.

    Also can't find the Mark of Anashti Sul, last one I need for Raiments of Rot.
  18. Azrael Elder

    So, after a bit more collection hunting today, this is the breakdown I've got so far with locations / types. I baz'd a good portion of these (particularly demi life/decay), so definitely could be wrong on some, so please reply with any corrections and/or more refined locations.

    I'm not sure if these applies to prior xpacs as I didn't check, but I also noticed that the achievement text will either say "Gather xxxx" or "Recover xxxx", and from what I can tell, "gather" means it's a ground spawn, while "recover" means it's from kills.... except in PoHealth, where the text is the opposite lol.

    Here's what I got, hopefully it helps someone:

    Grails - STATIC, GROUND
    Shards of Life - STATIC, GROUND
    Ruins of Decay - INSTANCE, KILLS
    Bright Baubles - STATIC, KILLS (outer ring wisps, unicorns, monkeys for sure, possibly other mobs too, but I did the outer ring in the static zone for all 8. be aware that everything except unicorns will charm first pc on aggro. also picked up ground spawns for grails and shards of life, mostly grails)

    Demi Life
    Unliving Relics - ??, GROUND
    Texts of Eternity - ??, GROUND
    Deadman's Band - ??, KILLS
    Deadman's Dinner - ??, KILLS

    Demi Decay
    Night Crawlers - ??, GROUND
    Markers of Death - STATIC?, GROUND (graveyard?)
    Medal from the Living - INSTANCE?, GROUND
    Fallen Footwear - STATIC, KILLS

    Crypt of Decay
    Knives of Sacrifice - STATIC, GROUND (downstairs)
    Putrid Poisons - INSTANCE, GROUND (upstairs)
    Gathering of Slime - STATIC, GROUND (upstairs)
    Rotting Remnants - STATIC, KILLS (definitely upstairs in the monkey area, not sure about down)

    Crypt of Sul
    Dregs of Decay - STATIC, GROUND
    Idols of Rot - STATIC, GROUND
    An Ounce of Fetid Flesh - INSTANCE, KILLS
    Raiments of Rot - STATIC, KILLS
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  19. Nuttann Elder

    Just like you noticed for static Crypt of Decay ground spawns (I have not been in Decay static zone than doing merc tasks, so didn't have any of those), I believe the Demi-planes of Life and Decay static zone ground spawns are based on ground level or below ground level (I.e., pit, rooms, and tunnels below ground).
    Demi-plane of Decay:
    • Night Crawlers - Static zone ground spawns (ground level)
    • Markers of Death - Static zone ground spawns (below ground level)
    I think I recall that Life static zone ground spawn are the same way, but really haven't collected many ground spawns from Life, so am not as sure and do not recall where I picked them up.

    (edit - Forgot to mention Life's Deanman's Dinner that you have listed as ??? kills)
    Deadman's Dinner - static zone kills
    P.S. I would still love to see them sell a guild hall collection banker capable of holding every collection item, but not over fixing broken things. As of last expansion, it takes more than three houses (300 item stacks per) to hold all and I am only doing it to hold extras for guild.
  20. Silv Augur

    I can confirm for you that both are in game.

    Only one I haven't finished is An Ounce of Fetid Flesh and that's because the drop rate is stupidly low and only in one instance.

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