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Discussion in 'Melee' started by Friendly Cleric, May 29, 2021.

  1. Friendly Cleric New Member

    I'm indecisive and know it doesn't matter in the long run, but I'm torn between Gnome, Dwarf and Barbarian. This is for the new TLP

    Gnome for tinkering (at some point)
    Dwarf for barrel roll
    Barbarian for bash.

  2. Szilent Augur

    Slam shares timer with Backstab
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  3. Sissruukk Rogue One

    Dwarf all the way, because barrel roll and awesome beards. Chicks dig it, especially those haughty high elf ones.
  4. Tucoh Augur

    Gnome and barbarian have annoying heights. Dwarves have barrel roll. Clear choice.
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  5. Aiona Augur

    I went gnome and can use a mask when the height annoys me to be whatever size I prefer.

    As far as aesthetics go, I agree Dwarf wins.
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  6. Winnowyl Suffering is optional.

    I went with wood elf, then race changed to gnome for tinkering. However, I'm 100% always in my bellikos illusion.
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  7. Haze Journeyman

    Of your choices, Gnome is the winner. You won’t be getting a Mask of Tinkering, so being a Gnome will cover that “illusion” for you. Personally, Human Eyepatch is my spirit animal so that’s what I play, but the race change scroll is always taunting me.
  8. Szilent Augur

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  9. Dre. Altoholic

    ELF/HEF for origin point Gfay.
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  10. Izzard of Bertox Augur

    I was a barbarian for over 20 years because Kilts and can throw large boulders.
    I race changed to Gnome because server populations died and I couldn't find a gnome to make BIS belts for me. I now do it my damn self.

    oh ... and I do have a Mask of the Tinkerer.. hit me up on Tunare and I'll link it.
  11. Haze Journeyman

  12. Froogle New Member


    What's wrong with you people?
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  13. Bahdah Augur

    Dark Elf, No ones mentioned Dark Elf... also old models > Luclin models. ALSO... 'Luck-lin'
  14. Haze Journeyman

    Cause easiest mask to get and permanent illusion.
  15. Hirbow Augur

    For a fresh TLP server start, there's really only two choices if you want to Min/Max: Barb/Dwarf.

    -Highest STR. For the first month the lack of gear and STR items are quite noticeable. Your dps will be significantly higher from your raw stats.
    -Bank literally 5 steps from your ''Origin''
    -Mino Hero Bracers. Huge Item that only non-small races can wear.
    -Imbued granite spaulders from the Hole for great resists.
    -Throwing boulders. Fun during duels ;)
    -Slam ??.. maybe not
    -Good luck being in Halas though, specially the first run to commons.. - lol :confused:

    -2nd highest raw Str.
    -Highest Dex
    -Good Origin to work on your Epic quest for parchments pick pockets (even though now they spawn with them 100% of the time)
    -Origin super close to the bank!
    -Barrel dwarf rolls..
    -Female bearded dwarf.. you win EQ/Roguequest
    Honorable mentions:
    One loot:
    Triumphant Mask

    Dark Elf
    -Great Origin , very centric to almost everything but Qeynos/Halas.
    -Great Origin for working on your parchment pick pockets
    -Close wizard/druid rings
    -The only city with a secret clicky teleport that will take you to LFAY instantly..

    -Can use Mino Hero bracers.
    -Mostly KOS due to faction issues but who cares you're a rogue..

    -Perma shrunk
    -Tinkering (good luck going broke)
    -Good origin to farm Hero Bracers "but can't use them .."
    -Can use Crushbone tunic for great resists!
    -Super close Druid rings for easy teleports
    -Good luck getting stuck during raids against everyone due to the small size

    -DON'T... Rogues don't let Rogues play Halflings...

    ..race doesn't really matter except for Gnomes if you ever want to do Tinkering and if you are an illusion collector and don't get your Tinkering mask. Play what you like/looks good for you when wearing a certain type of armor !
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  16. Knighted Journeyman

    It doesn't matter. Play what you want to be.
  17. Shushabye_Baby Romance Novel Writer

    Agree with the previous poster, dark elf.
  18. Malkavius Augur

    Dark elves fit great with the theme of a rogue but my god they got the most garbage stats for any melee race. Will be annoying in early game for tlp since they can't lift more than 10 pounds before their piddly arms snap like twigs.
  19. Haze Journeyman

    Human Eyepatch >
  20. Panikker Elder

    Lizards should be rogues ..and use something like chameleon skin to hide lol ..