Rogue Epic Eldrith (Mangler server)

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by snafu666, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. snafu666 New Member

    Is there a chance to increase or permanently spawn
    Eldrith in lake Ratheater at the moment he has over 10 people permanently camping him for one hand in from one person then he de spawns for 6 hours and its starting to get friendly .
    its a very minor or filler quest to beef up the epic it would greatly remove animosity between players if this bottle neck was removed / adjusted
    As you know the TLP server has an accelerated time table as in apposed to the usual 12 months between expansion releases
    these bottlenecks generally result in characters being trained or individuals being intimidated by big guilds

    in advance
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  2. XevBard99 Lorekeeper

    LOL rogues complaining about their epic bottlenecks.

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  3. Gana Augur

    I am just surprised to hear there are more than 10 rogues on Mangler.
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  4. Abhorsan New Member

    It's a fair point about bottlenecks for epics on all classes. The enchanter bottleneck in Cabilis is just dumb - especially for an item that is done circa PoP. We are signing up to TLPs to experience the game at an accelerated rate. It would make sense for a Dev to have a look at the spawn rates of mobs that were designed to slow the rate of epics and increase the timers to match the time frames we have. I suspect that the list of mobs isn't exhaustive.
  5. birisu New Member

    Even if the rogue epic is the easiest there is still no reason anyone should have to wait hours just to turn in items. That's just dumb.
  6. Silias McKendrick Elder

    Takes bw 25 and 30 to spawn lake rathe pick.
    Have guild help spawn one get piece, depop pick , (could take as long as 30mins) go back in and pop another if more are needed.
  7. Fiyero Augur

    It's Kunark now, rogues are actually useful.
  8. Corzaftw New Member

    Gonna have to agree. The epic bottlenecks made sense back in the day when the prestige and difficult made them truly epic, but nowadays are just punishing. Even with something as easy as the rogue epic, there's no valid reason to keep it bottlenecked. Then you have nightmares like the Enchanter epic which are just brutal to complete.

    What makes it even worse is seeing epic rogues popping up for sale, meaning people who actively play aren't able to get the content done because people gotta profit off a game..
  9. Tierdal Augur

    The reason is - its part of the game.

    SO enjoy classic. Or play Selos!
  10. Nyvlag New Member

    If we're going with the "that's classic" argument, can I get's_Skin this put back in the game please?

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