Ring of Scale Heroic Adventures?

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  1. Sprooce Journeyman

    Hi all,

    Recently hit 106 (druid on Drinal, Sebilisian and Conflagrant gear, J5 tank merc with 106 box shaman and J5 healer merc), and I'm hoping to do some HAs that will get me some of the 106-110 spell items, Clawed Tablets I think.. I've been looking into the adventures for the RoS expansion but I'm not finding a lot of talk about them.

    Can anyone suggest some gooders? Ideally outdoor HAs where a druid can shine.. thanks for any thoughts!
  2. Gialana Augur

    Other than temporary anniversary events, there haven't been any heroic adventures since Empires of Kunark. The mission chests in Ring of Scale have clawed tablets, but they were not what I'd call easy. Fell Foliage was the easiest for me, but if you don't have enough dps, the boss will lock hit points. With just a druid and a shaman at level 106, I would be surprised if you have enough dps for that mission, but it's worth a try.

    I wouldn't even bother with End of Empire. I only did Balance of Power once, but if I remember correctly, there's a spot in the event where you can get overwhelmed with sarnaks easily. And the 4th mission is a 2 group mission where you have to start by fighting 2 dragons that each hit for up to 60k a hit.

    So I would expect the best bet for your duo is hunting named in RoS for the spell gems. Maybe you could also do some of the missions in TBL like The Brass Palace or Wending Ways, but I don't know if a tank merc is going to be enough.
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  3. Alnitak Augur

    The easiest Heroic Mission (not an HA - Heroic Adventure) would be Fell Foliage in The Overthere.
    At your lvl 106 the boss mob Cactiikii has 38 mil HP (with 5% lifetap of Agonizing Needles it is about 40mil effective HP) and needs to be killed under 90 seconds before it becomes immune due to adds.
    I doubt that lvl 106 DRU and SHM can pull off 450'ish K dps. And considering that Cactiikii hits like a freight train (definitely overpowered for 106) most of the time your team would be busy healing merc tank instead of doing dps.
    Alternatively you may consider killing nameds in OT. Perhaps the easiest one is a magestic rooster. Still it's a very challenging fight at 106, especially with mercenary tank.
    Nameds don't drop gear notably better than Conflagrant, so the only target would be clawed tablets.
    Perhaps it's more efficient to farm conflagrant tradeskill items for pp and exp and use the money for buying tablets at bazaar.
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  4. Liin Edud (Tunare) Augur

    I've done Fell Foliage since COV as a 115 max AA Shaman with a 115 40k+ AA Monk plus tank and cleric mercs. It was much closer to HP lock than I'd like to admit. I can't see how a pair of 106s could do it before the lock.

    I think the recommendation of farming spells in TBL or off named might be the better answer if you're really wanting those 106-110 spells.

    My personal recommendation would be to buy the rank 1 spells off the vendor and just power out to 115. There will be an upgraded 111 spell to the 106 spell that you're currently hunting and the rank 2 111-115 spells are MUCH easier to find in the bazaar than the 106-110 spells.

    Not sure which server you're on but glad to help if you're on Tunare.
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  5. Sprooce Journeyman

    Thanks for catching me up there, I didn't even know that HAs ended.. kinda sorry to hear it, I've been liking the HAs a lot through the 90s to 105. I especially liked how in TBM I could do HAs that gave the RK2 spell items, thought that worked out pretty well.

    I dipped my toes into The Overthere to try its first quest, Testing The Waters, but got chased outta there pretty fast ha.

    Much appreciated!
  6. Sprooce Journeyman

    Thanks very much, I tried one of the pre-req quests, Testing the Waters, but we're not quite ready for that challenge. I thought that content was gonna be the right range for my little group but nope haha, I was way off.
  7. Sprooce Journeyman

    Yep I was way off there, we're not close to being able to do those Overthere quests. Thanks for the input, I think you're right, gonna buy the rank 1 spells and get leveled up! I'm on Drinal but thanks for the offer, I appreciate it.
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  8. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    RoS, which has a level cap of 110 is an expansion where even the first zone feels like you need to be L110 to be hunting there - at 106 it feels like anything less than a solid group with few to no Mercs at all being used will get steamrolled fairly easily.

    While EoK will have nerfed XP once RoS unlocks that will be the best expansion to level up to 110 in especially for anything less than a solid group of actual players.

    To use Mercs in RoS you want to have acquired all of their available Merc AA beforehand, have the best Merc Gear and if you want to tackle any named read up on their special abilities, some mobs, named & regular, in Overthere will completely ignore Merc Tanks on purpose. Merc Tanks with Merc healers (even 2 of them) is fraught with difficulties as they are so underpowered after level 100, in TBL they are a hilariously bad joke they are so weak, thankfully they got a bit of a re-tune for ToV.

    HA were a great idea but the concept only lasted as long as CoTF really.
    By TDS the Adventures reward vs risk was a mess as their xp was lousy and by EoK they were both long and seriously unrewarding for currency & XP, you did them once for the progression then filled in any needed for Achievement completion then never went back.
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  9. Sprooce Journeyman

    Thanks, Skuz! I did an EoK HA for the first time last night, Infiltration of Kor-Sha or something close to that, was cool. *thumbs up*
  10. Velisaris_MS Augur

    If you focus on leveling, remember to do Overseer tasks for the xp rewards. Every little bit helps.
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  11. Sprooce Journeyman

    Absolutely, I quite enjoy that aspect of the game these days!
  12. Eaedyilye Augur

    One thing you could do which would be wise. Kill Sarnak in EOK. It will raise the faction for the ROS Sarnak. It makes hunting in the OT much easier. In your situation, I would focus more on EOK than ROS.
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  13. Liin Edud (Tunare) Augur

    Ever server has 2-3 "Liin-type" people who will come help out whenever, however, whatever. Where are the Drinal people that can help Sprooce with a few ROS missions for some spells?

    You know you want to steam-roll the demented cabbage in Fell Foliage and get some End of Empire revenge because you got meteored into the DT ring.
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  14. Sprooce Journeyman

    Thanks! I'm set up in FM now, gonna tinker around there awhile, find a Sarnak fort tonight maybe.
  15. Sprooce Journeyman

    Thanks again, Lin.. It's funny, you take a tiny 18 year break from EQ and your friends list ends up totally empty!