Returning player and Agnarr Server Poppulation

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Berkwin, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. Berkwin Elder

    I love the server a lot, my favorite Era in EQ history. however as a returning player. seeing more people play or return to the server is a bit sluggish to say the least. Now I realize that Progression servers are a paid for environment, but in the Case of Agnarr being PoP locked, would it benefit the server overall health in population if it were to go F2P or go to at the very least a silver status server? I am not talking any other progression servers just Agnarr in particular.

    Any thoughts or ideas on this would be appreciated Thanks!!
  2. Graethos Journeyman

    I was hoping to transfer to mangler when they reach LDoN but I think they only let you server transfer from Agnarr to live :(
  3. SunDrake Augur

    I don't think you are alone in having that era as your EQ fave. I kind of like the idea of Agnarr as FTP. Draw those classic era people in by saying you are FTP, appealing to early TLP / P99 players who eventually want to go buck wild and experience Luclin and PoP also. The server exists, and could use more players. Grab some, no additional expense.

    I think most people who would play through max on Agnarr would want to see more, so they will join the roving TLP crowd and you know, pay up.
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  4. Berkwin Elder

    I got to thinking that instead of VOX being the New player server why not make it Agnarr after all that is more of what it was like for new players of the Era, it doesn't have merc's there so you get a more of the feeling of what a new player needs to do for there class, just makes more sense to me with a FTP to allow those people who are from P99 and early TLP to just enjoy it! Thanks for the support!
  5. snailish Augur

    The point of free to play models in to hook in enough players that you make your money of them via microtransactions.

    I doubt we'd get an official answer on this, but my sense is F2P has not been all that successful in EQ...


    -players I know on regular servers that spend a lot in microtransactions are also all subbed via one method or another (i.e., krono vs. out of pocket).

    -players I know on regular servers that F2P dabble around (whether in sporadic playtime or lots of hours) but spend little on microstransactions

    -progression servers chew up a lot of subs/krono even if they are only robust in population for a few eras. You also see a lot of microtransaction bags, mounts and such...

    My theory is that F2P in EQ is something they would not have done at all in hindsight.

    My point to the original post being they likely make more $ leaving Agnarr alone or closing it and just starting a new server that is progression pay to play. Though as an experiment it would be interesting to see Agnarr F2P --because of the lock it does have potential to pull in transfer $, but really it only works if enough people want to level slower on progression together vs. doing it superfast on live.
  6. Berkwin Elder

    I don't understand the logic in closing a perfectly good server when it could potentially pull numbers off P99 and into EQ, from what I am hearing about P99 is its packed. Secondly they just need to open the gate. keep it how it is just open the gate to F2P that means leave it, as how it is including the One PC per account rule, or "True Box" I think you would be surprised to see a influx of people....
  7. Berkwin Elder

    Currently there is 685 players in P99 at 7:33AM. and roughly 64ish on Agnarr. if Agnarr had half of P99 Population playing on it, Agnarr would be a BOOM Town!
  8. Berkwin Elder

    It just Bumped to 774 players at 8:26AM less than an hour later, I Bet the Guy who runs P99 is Laughing his @$$$$$ off at all those people making micro transactions...
  9. Berkwin Elder

    This is complete BS, here we pay to play on Agnarr with roughly 100 people on the server, in the mean time P99 has over 1000 people playing. Seriously DBG?? your going to let this happen when they could be on your servers spending money in this game and not on P99?? Wish I knew who I could complain to, cause that is not right. IMO. Ugh talk about frustrating. Really wish Agnarr had 1000 people playing on it or logging in...

    Edit: Not even prime time on a fricken Sunday... at Noon. Lmao!!
  10. Machen Augur

    "Opening the gate" is not something DBG is interested in doing because there is no financial reason for them to do so. They get more money from the 64 people who are playing on Agnarr currently than they would get from 600 people who don't have to pay a sub to play ala P99. They are a for-profit company, not a charity. There just isn't enough microtransaction stuff available in the early eras of TLP's to make F2P work.
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  11. Berkwin Elder

    Meanwhile P99 rakes in the profits of DBG "Should?" have, I think your kidding yourself when you don't think people wouldn't buy the Stuff in the store like pots bags mounts etc etc while P99 is selling the good drops plat and what have you at a whim.

    600+ people on Agnarr spending something is better by A LOT than 60 people paying a sub fee. also here is the thing if you don't believe my try this just do a two week trial of Agnarr for FREE and see what happens... if the math isn't there fine. but I doubt DBG is going to sit and watch P99 sell anything they desire on there servers while, DBG has those 60 people paying a sub.

    Edit: All good man, I just canceled both my subs, I have a disk copy of Titanium I think ill check out P99 for myself and see how it is, Cheers!
  12. Geoff Journeyman

    At least you can box freely on Selos since there arent real players to group with
  13. nothingtoseehere New Member

    New Server: P99 Green - Coming October 25th, 2019

    Edit: Clickable link. The colors are not offset very much.
  14. Fading Illusion Elder

    Agnarr is still very much active. Numbers are understated here (and there is no way to know how many are logged on on a live server).

    Shadow Requiem is still very active (and there are at least 3 other full raid guilds) and we field 70+ on raids frequently (Full Time Clears, Vex Thal, Elemental, Ssra, all PoP tiers).

    We have members of all levels and there are usually plenty of people online in our guild.
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  15. Accipiter Augur

    P99 players are a unique bunch. Agnarr was created to try to pull some of those in and it worked in the short term (which is all DBG wanted). But to compare any TLP with P99 is nonsensical, IMO.
  16. Bailen Augur

    I like Agnarr. I just came back to the game though and it's pretty dead up to level 50 most of the time. I enjoy messing around with alts, leveling. Ended up moving to Mangler for now.
  17. McJumps Augur

    I said, before Agnarr launched, that this would happen eventually and a lot of the people who have never experienced SoF+ content said that PoP era was their favorite and the server would easily sustain a healthy population... I really do hate being right sometimes.

    You can only do PoP and Vex Thal and Ssra so many times before it just becomes mind numbing. There are little to no mechanics to speak of and most events come down to a simple tank and spank and how many healers and tanks you have. With the exception of maybe Rathe Council, everything in that era is far too easy for a seasoned player with any skill to be able to do it week in and week out without getting totally burned out.

    I was, at one time, of the opinion that the people who asked for a PoP locked server should have to live with the results of said server (i.e. it being effectively dead after a certain amount of time) I think that was a bit harsh. I think they should be allowed transfer to another TLP, but with restrictions in place. Either it be a loss of plat or gear or levels would be in order. I would love for some of the die hard "PoP era is da best!" people to see what actual raiding is all about. I would enjoy them getting to see how much fun having mechanics in an event can be. I do not think, however, allowing Agnarr to be a FTP server is the best option.
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  18. Xeris Augur

    Eh, there are still several hundred real humans that are playing on Agnarr actively. I'm not sure what anyone expected, but I'd say 2 years into the server, it seems pretty healthy to me. I have no frame of reference, but I think the people who want this are still enjoying themselves. I've been raiding potime every week since June 2018 and I'm not bored of it... Just about to max my 3rd-4th characters.

    There are a small handful of guilds raiding actively, pug on a daily basis, it's not that bad actually, as long as you're not expecting zones teeming with people and super active guilds.
  19. Graethos Journeyman

    p99 sounds lit where do u get a titanium edition tho
  20. nothingtoseehere New Member

    From the high seas, matey.

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