recently added low level healing spells, useless?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by taliefer, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. taliefer Augur

    a guildmate, lothoec, recently took the time to compare the new heals versus the old classic heals, which supposedly the new ones were meant to replace. the gist of it is, the new spells are *worse* in every way, and im not real sure what the point of adding them was.

    For the Cleric and Shaman spells I had to visit the vendors with them so I could get accurate heal amounts, since Alla has different information on them. The mana costs are the same, but heal amounts are much lower in-game.

    For the Cleric and Shaman spells I had to visit the vendors with them so I could get accurate heal amounts, since Alla has different information on them. The mana costs are the same, but heal amounts are much lower in-game.

    Druids HPM:
    Greater Healing lvl. 29 = 3.04
    **Nature's Renewal lvl. 39 = 2.58
    Superior Healing lvl. 44 = 3.24
    **Forest's Renewal lvl. 49 = 2.88

    Clerics HPM:
    Superior Healing lvl. 30 = 3.24
    **Healing Light lvl. 45 = 4.32

    Shamans HPM:
    Greater Healing lvl. 29 = 3.04
    **Spirit Salve lvl. 40 = 2.63
    Superior Healing lvl. 45 = 3.24
    ** Kragg's Salve lvl 50 = 2.95

    especially considering classic everquest is all about efficiency, it seems counter intuitive to add healing spells that are worse than their earlier level counter parts.

    ive also heard, but havent confirmed myself, that the new spells are not effected by focus effect, which further adds to their inefficiency.

    the only spell that is better than either greater healing, or superior healing, is the new cleric spell. druids and shamans would actually be *hurting* their efficiency by using their later level heal spells. is this the intent?
  2. Ducreux Augur

    Focus effects don't work on them AND you cannot cast them on people out of line of sight AND you cannot cast them on people not in your group.

    All 3 issues likely point to them not being flagged as a traditional beneficial spell. I'm skeptical that they will actually follow up and correct any of this and the HPM/efficiency problem.

    At least shaman/druid got Superior healing at 49 though!
  3. taliefer Augur

    i did not know about the other two issues, but i laughed out loud while reading.

    i mean, i appreciate the thought of them wanting to smooth out low level healing, im guessing mostly for future progression servers, but these spells need work if they want that effect. i think theyd be better of simply removing the spells if they cant/wont take the time to make them have the desired effect, which from the patch notes is:

    - Made many changes to smooth out and improve the availability of healing at low levels. These changes apply to all servers and rulesets.

    id say the new spells make healing *worse*, rather than improve. which alot of people wont notice, because loggically, later level heal spell should be better, or at least situational use, ie cleric remedy line, fast cast long range but less efficiency. but thats a post level 50 thing anyway.
  4. Seraphix Lorekeeper

    The only useful thing they did was drop Superior Heal down to 44. That's helped quite a bit, but the new heals are... yeah, Taliefer covered it.
  5. Xanadas Augur

    wow... you've got to be kidding me.
  6. Ducreux Augur

    Nope, welcome to the age of pushing stuff live with 0 testing.
  7. Rhodz Augur

    And yet there is the thread about how badly players are needed on the test server and how much good it does.

    Is that irony?
    Why yes I do believe it is.
  8. taliefer Augur

    this isnt even something that should have needed testing. all you have to do is look at the spells, and see they are less mana efficient than earlier level heal spells.

    if the devs need THAT much help testing out basic things, i have to question why they arent still interns
  9. CaptainSkeet Augur

    I was excited to pick em up for my shaman after seeing the update notes. Then I was baffled by the heal to mana ratio. So I memmed them, then forgot about them. Not sure what the point of the new spells is, completely useless for shaman.
  10. Gidono Augur

    The healing spells not being castable without line of sight and focus effects not working on them is because the spells have a value of 2 in the beneficial field instead of 1 like all other heals do. I confirmed this by looking at the spell data file.

    I'm not sure what 2 means in the beneficial field.
  11. Catashe Augur

    Sadly the ONLY good thing about those spells is they got the devs to push the old traditional spells to low levels to compensate for their new "healing" spells
  12. Rhodz Augur

    Nothing to add just wanted to quote it for effect.

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