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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by razzana, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. razzana New Member

    over the past few days i have been experiencing random zone freezes. usually when i am fighting or changing directions quickly. the screen freezes for 5-10 seconds then resumes as normal. the problem is when kiting mobs or getting ready to pull that freeze is usually fatal. it started just after the last patch and has been getting worse since. usually happens within first few minutes after starting to fight. first few pulls no problem then the freezes start randomly usually when i am moving. but has also happend in zones where i was just standing sill. i was duel boxxing a few times and only my main computer seemed to be affected and internet did not seem to be the issue. the second computer is a much slower processor so lags most the time. but it has not had the freezing problem at the same time as the main.
  2. Rashka Journeyman

    If you run a multi-core machine, try setting eqgame.exe to run across all cores.

    Open the Task Manager, go to Processes, find eqgame.exe, right click, then left click set affinity. Set it to run across all cores.

    I do this and set the priority to high on both instances when I two box, and this solved the problem for me.

    Also make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date.
  3. TSR-AlexS Augur

    Hey sorry for the late response! Are you still freezing in the game? If you haven't already, please submit a support ticket to our tech team so we can help you troubleshoot the issue.
    Please be sure to include your Dxdiag and Msinfo to expedite the process. (Instructions are in my signature below)
    Suggestions to Resolve Crashing and Freezing
  4. Marlon1957 Augur

    i am having that freezing now but for more than 10 seconds and it happens as you activate a spell or hit sale in a merchant it is strange it during a battle the freez happens i can not attack my enemy and they cant attack me it is like the everquest world is standing still but i am still moving around . what is going on?
  5. TSR-AlexS Augur

    Marlon, have you submitted a support ticket? I'd love to look into it and assist you. Please pm me your ticket reference number and please be sure to attach your Dxdiag/Msinfo. Thanks!
  6. Phlicia eci New Member

    i seem to have same issue but itss only in valley and only by the argath zone line once i get far enough away from it it stops but its bad when it happens sometimes like 10 seconds or better
  7. TSR-AlexS Augur

    Does this happen when there's alot of action on the screen? Pm me your ticket reference number so I can look into this for you.
  8. Phlicia eci New Member

    happens EVERYTIME im running thru vally coming from argath headed to RT and it dont matter now as of your last patch i can no longer log into game as im using windows XP=(
  9. Phlicia eci New Member

    and i already have a ticket open under name rorodogg with all the files attached that were asked for
  10. TSR-AlexS Augur

    Mind pming me or Sean your ticket reference number? We'll be more than happy to personally help!

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