Raid Window Lockups

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by phaeril, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. phaeril Augur

    • Locked the raid at roughly 8:10pm eastern on Thursday, solb DZ, Aradune
    • Moved character 2 in group 4 to group 2
    • Moved character 1 in group 4 (final member of group) to group 2
    • Raid Leader in group 1 froze immediately, as did all charatres in group 2. Keep in mind these were 4 different people in different locations in the country, so don't try to blame it on us. The final member of group 4 was unable to log back in for 30+ minutes, others were able to return immediately. They reported receiving the "server is not responding" every attempt at returning.
    I suspect the final member of group 4 was loading (it was, after all, at the time everything turns to garbage on the server) at the time they were moved. Can provide some further details on timing and charater names if it'll help and anyone there gives af anymore, just PM me.
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