Raid strike-through question.

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  1. Bronut Augur

    Maybe someone can save me a trip to a raid instance to find out, if not ill find out and report my findings back here.

    Was wondering how accuracy debuffs interacted with raid strike-through, are the applied before the hit attempt, or are they subject to being nullified with the strike-through ability.
  2. niente Developer

    Accuracy debuffs are part of the hit/miss calculation, which is first.

    riposte > heroic strikethrough (dex)
    block > heroic strikethrough (dex)
    parry > heroic strikethrough (dex)
    dodge > heroic strikethrough (agi)
    shield block
    staff block
    regular strikethrough
  3. Bronut Augur

    What a spectacular response.

    Its been some time since an understanding of a dynamic of everquest has advanced so rapidly.
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  4. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    Accuracy is opposed by avoidence. (Not the stat on gear, but the second part of the split AC number)

    Likewise attack is opposed by AC. (First number of the split)

    Heroic bonuses are opposed by heroic strike through.

    Defensive checks are opposed by regular strikethrough. (Including heroic defenses, they get hit twice)

    Regular strike through on raids has been 100% for several expansions now, negating most of the benefits of defensive skills.

    You still technically riposte Parry block Dodge, (which is why you get riposte damage and defensive procs) but the mobs always strike through and hit you for damage.

    Group content has something around 85-90% regular strike though. It's hard to be sure though because there isn't a message to differentiate between heroic and normal strike through
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