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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Zipe, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. Zipe Augur

    From Phinigel server at TDS expansion: as soon as today's patch went up (15 april 2020), we managed to beat a COTF T1 and T1b event (Neriak and Deadhills).
    We were only awarded x2 currency for that events.

    Shouldn't we be getting more than x2 since Phinigel is at TDS expansion?

    TDS should get first bonus, COTF the second bonus and ROF the third bonus... right?
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  2. Soulbanshee Augur

    They did not quantify "more". The 9 month bonus may max at 2x, so each bonus would be worth 1/3 of the base amount.
  3. RainbowCane Elder

    Not true, I spoke with Ngreth directly before patch and he indicated that CotF "should be" triple for Phinigel. It's most likely just an error in implementation - which is understandable since this is brand new.

    The fact that the double worked means that it at least is in-game, just need to twist a knob or adjust a formula.

    One thing we should also check is a RoF fight and a UF fight. It might just be a counting error on the current "era".
  4. Grisly New Member

    Is this also on live servers or just TLP?
  5. Skuz Augur

    Live servers are with this patch getting increases of currency at 3, 6 & 9 months after an expansion opens.
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