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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Disil, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. Disil New Member

    Who We Are
    Summation (summationeq.com) is a raiding guild on the Ragefire TLP server that focuses on end-game content. We are a group of active players that consistently clears the highest tiers of raiding within the opening weeks of an expansion release. Our ranks contain both knowledgeable solo players and boxers, with the latter using a handful of their best characters to round out our raids. Our raid attendance farming schedule is Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday from 8PM - 11PM Eastern Time. (Got so much horsepower we got to drop Monday!)

    We currently clear MMM/Crystallos, as well as earlier raid content for armor progression.

    What Makes Us Unique
    Every raider is dedicated to our objective - Planning goes into each expansion to ensure that everyone knows what to do to be raid ready, and have the content cleared as soon as possible for optimal gearing chances.

    Regardless of our raid attendance requirement our attendance numbers are exceptionally high compared to other guild's rosters, and our attrition rate is extremely low. We easily clear content with raid sizes smaller than the player limit due to everyone's efforts.

    Our DKP System is fair to the time you put into the current content -We use an attendance-based points accrual with most loot having a fixed price. DKP is reset at the beginning of major expansions and seeded based on the previous total attendance. This system reinforces that:
    • Your attendance matters and helps us to progress.
    • You are encouraged to gear your active raiding characters, as unspent DKP doesn't roll over.
    • Gear can't be disproportionately won with stockpiled DKP.
    You don't have to devote every spare moment to us - Scheduled raids give our players the ability to strike a balance between the game and their own life. You don't have to worry about an expedition timer ending on a day you're not available to raid, and players have a better retention of event mechanics and their roles when they're not missing lockouts. We still clear everything we need to within our raid hours to accomplish our goals.

    Recruitment Details
    Recruitment is open to most classes with a desire to raid and an ability to follow instruction (currently full on WAR/PAL/SK). If your character isn't yet ready for raiding, we can still provide you with a guild tag and help get you the levels, AAs, or starter gear you'll need to catch up.

    People playing multiple accounts are also welcome to join us. We have an alt system in place to accommodate gearing them as well.

    Please reach out to Bapt, Candae, or Disil through tells or in-game mail to connect with us.
  2. Disil New Member

    Bumping with an update on our activity. Summation has seen positive player returns and turnout, and we're successfully splitting our raid force to double the number of Two Gods kills per week. This gives us:
    • way more Phosphenes,
    • way more sexy, top-of-the-line weapons and click effects, and
    • way more preparation for the next expansion.
    We're the only guild on the server pushing this way, and we're doing it without adding more days to our farming schedule. At this rate, our alts are going to be decked out almost as well as our mains.

    We're also still recruiting for any talented players who want to get in on this action. Check summationeq.com for more info on how we operate, and reach out to Bapt, Candae, or Disil if you're interested.
  3. Disil New Member

    Making solid progress through the Secrets of Faydwer expansion with our team. We're at a good point to include new recruits, and the experience bonus currently active makes that easier than ever to get you established.

    For our Lockjaw friends that will merge and may not have a raiding guild to call home yet (and anyone else wanting to jump into the start of some great raiding on a set weekly schedule), check in with Bapt, Candae, or Disil.
  4. Disil New Member

    Summation has completed Secrets of Faydwer raiding and it's all on farm status with the kills getting quicker each week. There's plenty of time left before SoD launches and loot is already going to plenty of our alts and we have space for some more good players, so if you want to get in on the raiding scene, get in touch with Bapt, Candae, or Disil.

    Recruitment currently OPEN for:
    All cloth classes
    All leather classes
    All chain classes

    Recruitment currently CLOSED for:
    Shadow Knight
  5. Attila Augur

    Are you guys making a sister guild on Rizlona?
  6. Disil New Member

    There are no plans to have Summation on Rizlona at this time.

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