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  1. Neuro Elder

    I'd very much like some information on new characters for Vaniki. I haven't played Luclin+ in TLPs, and even "back in the day" I never played new characters past Velious, so there are aspects of the new server I will be unfamiliar with (which is part of the appeal). So I had a few questions for people who might know the answer.

    1) I've never played a ranger, and from what I understand they don't get good until Luclin. My question is, do they get good because of AAs/gear/60+ abilities? Or was there a more fundamental change to the class that will enable them to be good at lvl 40?

    2) What is the ZEM like in zones like Warrens and Paludal Cavers and the like? Does anyone even know the ZEM values anymore?

    Doubt the players can answer these, and I don't think the Devs will either
    3) Are those items that only drop for a limited time going to be enabled? Like Guise of the Deceiver or Circlet of Shadow?

    4) How about the various revamped zones? We getting them as well?

    I'll probably have more, just can't think of them right now.
  2. Kahna Augur

    1. AAs/Gear/Abilities make them better
    2. No one knows the actual numbers, but Paludal>all
    3. These items drop for 90 days on servers regardless of which expansion the server opens in. As stated by Prathun in this thread.
    4. Revamped zones will be in with the expansions they were released in, same as any other server.
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  4. MischiefTLP Augur

    No, they aren't. Classic Fear at launch.
  5. Neuro Elder

    This is why I asked. According to the list from Allakhazam, A lot of revamps should have already occurred, but others might not have. For example, Stonebrunt Mountains. That list says they open one month after Velious, does that mean they won't be available at start? If Fear and Hate are revamped, I question if those Challenge Achievements will be doable pre-50.

    A lot of these could be "just wait and see" type questions. Thank you for responding, however.