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  1. Genjo Journeyman

    Does EQ have the ability to loot an item (like a book) and then it gives you a quest?
  2. Yinla Augur

    I believe there has been some in the past.
  3. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I know there's at least one quest like get a random drop out of certain zones (a ring I think) and it either gives you the task automatically or it tells you to go visit a certain NPC in PoK, I forget.
  4. Derka Augur

    Lair of the fallen quest kind of does that. You loot the dragon crypt key and can go request it.
  5. Mr. Froo Developer

    There's a quest in the Plane of Decay where you get a wanted poster that can be turned in to start a quest.
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  6. Genjo Journeyman

    Is this difficult to do? It bring some variety to low levels to have more of these. It would create another engagement spot for newer folks. Also something that other mmorpgs do that might make killing more fun.

    I think the early game experience (since I am doing it right now) could use some more touch points.
  7. Qbert Augur

    I thought the signpost in Blightfire Moors was a precursor to tasks like this too, but it really didn't go anywhere.

    On the flipside, now that achievements effectively tell you exactly which quests are in which zones as well as the quest-giver's name (for anything UF and beyond, plus some backfill from Hero's Journey), interesting quest acquisition has been made largely obsolete.

    I did really enjoy the quests that fell outside of the achievement system though, and I hope there are more like that in the future. For example, the housing quests, the RoF fishing/puppet quest, etc.
  8. Litefighter Lorekeeper

    DoD had Cicero's Notebook. But that is a loot and hand in.
  9. CrazyLarth Augur
    This task is the first in a series and begins upon looting a Spiritvoid Earring in the non-instanced Bloodmoon Keep zone.

    --You have looted a Spiritvoid Earring.--

    As you pick up the earring you feel a strange pulling sensation from deep inside you as if something is lightly pulling at your very soul.

    You have been assigned the task 'Spiritvoid Earring'.

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