Question about pet taunt after 17 Feb patch

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Jiggs, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. Jiggs Elder

    Was having a discussion with some friends in game about pet taunt post patch and the way I read the patch notes and the way they said it worked contradicts what I understood patch notes to say.

    Here is what the patch notes said last patch:
    Charmed pets and temporary (swarm) pets such as the Magician Rampaging Servant line will generate hatred equivalent to the rate they would if taunt were enabled.

    They way I read that is swarm pets ALWAYS act as if taunt is on...

    but my friends say that if you have pet taunt disabled on your main pet then swarm pets also act as if they do not have taunt enabled. Is that true?

    Are the patch notes worded incorrectly?
  2. Orkpork Journeyman

    First your friend is an idiot. Stop taking any advice from them.
    Second swarm pets and servant (mage) are always taunt on, no matter how your main pet is set.