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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Hedgehog734, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. XTheMountainX Journeyman

    +1000 -- excellent post, I found this to be key:

    A few minor pieces of gear, such as +2 wisdom rings, that I parceled from my main to my alts, reappeared on my main. This is an incredibly minor thing to be duped, but there it is. There are absolutely people who got rolled back who had parceled GEBS, FBSS, dragon loot, gems, etc, who now have 2 of whatever. This happened with platinum as well. I don't think it happened with kronos, transferring that seems to work on a different system.

    The server is compromised. People will not admit or gloat about their gains. If you DGC cannot track down dupes, you need to roll back to before they happened. I promise you that this will spread to RF if you allow transfers on Thursday without fixing the issue here.

    Stop saying that things are fixed when they clearly are not. I lost nothing but, but would not care if you made me lose all of the time that I did take grinding so long as you restore things to how they should be. I feel terrible for those who have lost and even worse for those who have been grinding during this 2x xp time, but do what's necessary for the greater good. I'd rather lose my 50 days of progress and start on a new server than play on this tainted one.
  2. Hedgehog734 Journeyman

    Unfortunately for the paying player base, the incompetence of an employee of DBG somehow marked the server as a live server and now the player base is the one being absolutely screwed by more incompetence. The lack of transparency is what most people are upset over. I posted earlier examples of gross negligence on their part as a team fixing issues and all we will ever hear them say is "We found it and fixed it." Great! no one believes you! I wish they could actually spend more time fixing THEIR issues that they created and not simple fixes like a rollback and flip on the ol switcheroo for double XP to get them to be quiet. Quite sad.

    I remember when EQ2 had a duping problem when battlegrounds was first announced. People could trade inside battlegrounds and give others loot/money and then after the battleground kicked everyone to their home server, they had the new money/loot. The EQ2 team immediately investigated and traced down every coin/item traded down to the copper and suspended them all based on tiers created of how much coin was exploited. I guess it's too much to ask for when it comes to transparency. We're just expected to throw our money at them and roll with the punches. Best of luck to everyone affected by this.
  3. XTheMountainX Journeyman

    Bump for dev response
  4. Progress Augur

    Sounds like they could get that database going by bringing EQPLAYERS back online!
  5. Dikkan New Member

    I'm on Ragefire and was thinking about transfer when it opens up.

    Seriously reconsidering after reading about the fiasco.

    Do I believe DBG that they got rid of all of the obvious stuff? (defiant gear, spells, etc.) Yes.
    Do I believe that they will track down the duped stuff and remove it all? Absolutely not.
    Full serverwide rollback to before fiasco would be the only thing to convince me.

    I saw people selling huge amounts of Krono for cheaper than the going rate on Ragefire and I found it kind of strange. Now I realize that it was probably duped Krono and now they have all that plat on Ragefire and the fiasco has seeped to the other server. And if Krono could be duped, doesn't this affect all the other DBG games negatively too?

    Still not sure what to think and I am going to let things play out for a bit longer before I commit to transferring and whether or not I renew my subs when they expire.
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  6. Rhodz Augur

    Yes ladies and gentlemen the clash of agendas continues to both entertain and sadden.

    Look its not like your water supply was contaminated with some alien virus with a 99% fatality rate to which no known cure or disinfectant exists. So I doubt the position the server is ruined given the position it was not ruined before with the outrageous follies preceding this fiasco.
    So dont give any credence to this is EQ TEOTWAWKI .

    That perspective stated the response to this by controlling parties is potentially causing more harm than the problem, just as in any any "oh crap" situation. Some honest disclosure would be great wouldnt it.
    So not giving any credence to the everything is just peachy line either.

    That said I am very glad our water supply isnt being managed by these folks.

    Ah oh yeah agendas... the RMT crowd will be steadfast in politicking for everything possible to eliminate the "contamination" including ruining the game for others. Not all that hold this position are RMT but they will share a common goal, stuff is too radioactive to handle.

    Conversely those on side of not allowing the transfers (for whatever reason) are using it to their advantage as well. As I have said before this forum is an education all in itself.
  7. Warrior007 Augur

    Oh boy, someone is still bitter :)

    Just cause we split a raid much more efficiently than you ever did, it's not an exploit. The entire raid can be done with a group or less - and we've proven that. CS has investigated it, and agree.

    Perhaps this round of TLPs, you'll do them a bit more efficiently.
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  8. rick Augur

    those of us that can't at this time play are a little messed up missing out on the 2 x exp bonus ...

    BUT I thought of something .. if they can't track items that are out of era without the character logged in I wonder how many are hiding offline waiting for this all tehe cool down then either use or sell the items that they have gotten incorrectly..

    sure would help if their data base would actually upday regularly .. like every time we log in and camp I think character should over write existing saves ..

    we used to do this with muds during programming for just such emergencies (of course you would have needed 2 or 3 saves I guess as otherwise compromised characters would be forced to a full wipe and it might be too much save space for their servers?)
  9. Lateryn Augur

    If so, hopefully those people get a 7 day suspensions as they are trying to purposely avoid detection. Not hard to see someone using defiant or some line of spells they shouldn't be.
  10. Steampunk Augur

    That's a mighty impressive wall o' text. Tell me, did you also petition for any of the missing stuff, like you were supposed to, or do you actually expect DBG to get the information from here?
  11. Tiig New Member

    Last night Roshen posted that they would have a post outlining how they were going to fix the issues many of us experienced as a result of the rollback. Later he posted that it would not be coming last night. Here we are today, still waiting.

    I don't mean to diminish the problems you are facing, but you are either going to help us or you aren't. We shouldn't need to wait 3 days to figure out if you are going to help us or not.

    We still have unexplained questions that require answering. Nobody has explained to us, your subscribers, why the following took place:

    1) Why did some characters get rolled back further than others.
    2) Why was the game rolled back so far?
    3) Are you going to be reimbursing lost items and levels?
    4) why were characters who were offline for hours prior to the "glitch" rolled back.

    This is not an issue thats just going to dissipate by ignoring it. The TLP Members base requires answers and to date, adequate information has not been given to us.

    The week is over half done. Are you going to do anything or aren't you?
  12. Darth Augur

    Some of Faceless have gotten items back. Some haven't yet. I assume this means they'll get them when they get to them.

    Characters that were online got rolled back.
    Characters that did things in out of era zones, further.
    Characters that were offline through the entire debacle seem to be untouched.

    If you were online during the glitch you got rolled back.
    They have not given additional xp, that was the cause of the double xp. To help get that back.
    I have heard rumors they helped with skills. I can not confirm this.
  13. Steampunk Augur

  14. Warzon Lorekeeper

    I had the raid and quested items I lost returned. No help on tradeskill mats or skills. No additional rollback has wiped out my silver jasper rings that were duped. I predict the duping is just going to be allowed, so some people got wiped out while others got a huge bump.

    Whatever, it is what it is, at least the raid loot is getting reimbursed.
  15. Trevalon Augur

    Ya know, I am usually not a DB defender, but in this case, I have no idea what all you "We want answers" people want from them?

    They told us someone messed up and flagged LJ as live
    They told us they had to roll the server back to get rid of most of the dmg
    They told us if you lost items to petition it and you will eventually get them back (many already have)
    They told us they are sorry for the exp loss but here is double exp for a couple days to hopefully mitigate that loss

    What else do you want? Seems they gave us everything we need to know and then gave us some double exp to help offset any exp loss.

    Meh, at this point it doesnt even matter anymore, time to just move on with the server on better or worse than it was before.

    And if your worried about "duped" stuff, then all I can say is youll have to get over it. It more than likely isnt gonna be a huge deal - nothing like the Vulak/Fippy Alchemy screwup and that didnt even have much of an impact (if any) on those servers.
  16. Hedgehog734 Journeyman

    If you don't think people being able to have stuff duped is a huge advantage on LJ/RF or Fippy/Vulak alchemy screwup having little impact or any in which people ate 7 day suspension but gained millions of platinum at the beginning of the server, I'm not sure if you're trolling or serious. Either way, bravo!
  17. Roshen Brand Manager

    If you lost items Monday’s rollback on Lockjaw please/petition with item details no later than 9AM PDT Thursday, July 30.

    Do not transfer off Lockjaw while you’re waiting to get items reimbursed!
  18. Vlerg Augur

    or... quickly unlock kunark and velious. all of those dupe won't matter!
  19. Croak Augur

    I am in a similar boat to you that the majority of what I am missing are the materials or results of tradeskilling and associated skillups and the correct timestamp on achievements.

    Higher on the list however was assurance customers had the goods they bought and that the guy I had bought krono from still had the pp.

    It isn't like they are going to be able to hand me 100 odd stacks of MTPs in bags

  20. wumu New Member

    I am not a defender of what happened but I give it to DBG. Even with a not so very nice petition I didn't get the levels I lost but I did get my armor and pp back.

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