Question about AoC Instances for Semi-Rare Raid Mobs

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Morigaine, Sep 22, 2021.

  1. Morigaine Elder

    I have recently been playing with the new AoC functionality and picking up conqueror achievements that historically were not really worth chasing for me because of the time involved and the perma-camped nature of some of the mobs. One question that arose is for mobs that either don't spawn on server up or zone creation. Can these mobs be acquired in AoC instances at all? I know the AoC is not supposed to have respawns but was uncertain how these mob types worked. The examples I have encountered so far

    Plane of Valor - The Sleep Walker - Alla quote "Since patch I've seen respawn times of 4 days 3 hours, and 4 days 6 hours. "Raid" mob spawns near the back of the west cave, no placeholder."

    Drunder Fortress of Zek - The Diaku Overseer - "On Live - He spawned ~24 hours after server reset. "
    Drunder - Glykus Helmir -
    Tagrin Maldric - was not up

    I am loving the AoC functionality and this is not a complaint so much as just trying to understand the mechanic and what can be expected. I don't want to bother chasing mobs that will never be available in the instance.

    Thanks in advance for any info
  2. Soulbanshee Augur

    Raid mobs (cons it takes more than a group to take down), yes.

    Minis? If you are talking event driven and not something else driven then yes.

    Group (2 group is considered group not raid they drop type 7 gear) - Maybe it depends. Some trash/ph are culled in AoC so the instance is not a zonewide available for trash clear, so a named in that zone may not be available. AoC don't repop at all so it will either be up, or maybe delayed like 15 minutes just to prevent some kind of unwanted behavior? No idea on ones that have a static zone repop of more than 6 hours. No idea if a long spawn timer can still pop up in AoC within the 6 hours an instance is available.