Quest: The Rescuers - Slavemaster Kill Credit Issue

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Dahaman, Mar 8, 2021.

  1. Dahaman Augur

    Quest: The Rescuers (SOD expansion)

    In this quest, you must kill three ukun "guards" in Old Bloodfield. Each of these gives credit for all in the group. When you kill all three, the mob "slavemaster" spawns. Only the first to go on its aggro list gets kill credit instead of the whole group. The mob probably should be giving kill credit like the rest of the mobs instead of just to the puller.

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  2. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I don't believe this is a bug but intentional by design and afaik it isn't the first to aggro but the first to do actual damage that gets the credit.
  3. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    This has been hotly debated since 2009. Is it first to damage or agro or whoever has the task and does the most damage?

    It is not a bug. This is the way this quest works, you will find some others that have similar requirements. And it is listed as a solo.
  4. Dahaman Augur

    Pulling with non-aggro to camp (SK terror spell on a nearby add) and then nuking "slavemaster" on incoming (by the character that needed the credit) had the SK absorb the credit. It wasn't until I pulled with the other character that I was able to get credit for that character. The character that gets credit definitely does not have to do the most damage.

    I don't know of any other quest that gives credit to only the person that pulls. Regardless, it runs counter to the rest of the quest credit kills, which leads me to the conclusion it was not intentional but a typo in the quest credit line of code or something.
  5. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    All I know is when I boxed it I had to repeat the task 3 times & it was first to do any damage (not aggro or most damage) that got credit every time for me.

    Across several EQ expansions there are many inconsistencies surrounding "Solo" designated quests, some of them will update for only 1 player at a time so must be repeated for each member of the group, some will complete for each member so long as they are within range and some will drop items that need to be collected that are 1 for each member of the party with the quest while others will only drop one at a time period.

    A lot of that is down to how it was often 1 zone was "owned" by one dev but even within the same expansion the devs may have had slight differences in how they set up the quests for their respective zones, it used to be very rare that all the devs working on a expansion were using exactly the same methodology.