Quality of Life Request: In-Game Spell Descriptions

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by PathToEternity, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. PathToEternity Augur


    So this is what Yoppa's Mending currently looks like for me in-game. I have various focus effects and AA's that modify it's mana cost, cast time, and heal amount (including variable increase, fixed increase, and crit chance).

    I love how the cast time shows both the base cast time and the modified cast time. In no particular order, here is some other information I'd love to see added/displayed in this window:

    • Modified Mana Cost
    • Base Heal Range
    • Crit Range
    • Crit Chance
    • Items/AA's/Effects Modifying Cast Time (with % and calculated amount)
    • Items/AA's/Effects Modifying Mana Cost (with % and calculated amount)
    • Items/AA's/Effects Modifying Base Heal Range (with % and calculated amount)
    • Items/AA's/Effects Modifying Crit Range (with % and calculated amount)
    • Items/AA's/Effects Modifying Crit Chance (with % and calculated amount)
    Admittedly the second list here is more of a wish list, but the first list in bold really should be in game. Still, I'd love to see a full breakdown as it can be quite the scavenger hunt trying to figure out what's actually affecting your spells, and then even when you do it's no small trick to correctly calculate the math.

    Obviously this heal spell is just one example; I'd like to see this the relevant information for each type of spell that exists.

    EDIT: If this is the wrong forum for this, please point me in the right direction?
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  2. Beimeith Augur

    Those are dated from Aug 3, 2013. (Slightly edited for content, and I may have been wrong about the Familiar buff affecting the spell's casting level, but I'd have to look into it more to be sure).

    It's been on my list of things to needle them for since then. Some of them have made it in, some haven't:

    Tabbed chat windows is the dream. :(
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  3. Febb Augur

    I would love tabbed chat windows. It's really odd that EQ still hasn't put this in game. It's been standard on almost every game for well over a decade now along with timestamp chat which was recently put in the game. This would cut down on wasted space taken up by chat windows on the screen.

    For every chat window on the UI, frame rate takes a hit. The bigger you make your chat windows the worse your frame rate gets. I think tabbed chat windows with the option to separate each window individually would be ideal.
  4. Aziuno Augur

    Have either of you made a DBG Issue tracker Feature request? I would vote on it if so!
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  5. Beimeith Augur

    Those posts predate the Issue Tracker by several years, and I haven't gotten around to inputting them in yet.
  6. Lorglath New Member

    @Beimeith - do you check your aol mail anymore? Im trying to get a question to you, and there is no PM on these forums so i tried emailing you.
  7. Beimeith Augur

    1) You can PM on these forums.
    2) I still check it, but that email gets a lot of spam, so if you use it make sure you clearly label the subject line so I don't delete it out of hand.
    3) You can also reach me at Gamparse@gmail.com. That one gets checked less frequently though.
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  8. PathToEternity Augur

    Hey Beim,

    If you do put this on the tracker make sure to let me know. I can do it, but it looks like you've approached this much more fully than I have. I'd be glad to share a link with my guild to add some momentum. If it's not something you have the time for let me know and I'll do it.
  9. mackal Augur

    I may have implemented some of these in some program that cannot be named :p

    Some of them aren't displayed because they are RNG though. At least that's their logic, personally I think have a range would be good enough :p (although, you do need base mana cost to cast a spell so ....)
  10. segap Augur

    Just use a really old version of Gamparse. That's a beacon that gets him sending you tells in game while he's online.
  11. lancelove Augur

    I really really like the "quality of life" heading!
  12. Beimeith Augur

    I hate you.
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  13. PathToEternity Augur

    Glad to see this in today's patch notes!
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