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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Kaliko, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Kaliko Augur

    Devs, since we will never be getting any new veteran aa's I think it's time that vet AA's should have unlimited claim amounts for an account. Some people have used vet AA's in the past on new chars and unknowingly find out they later can't use them on another char after deleting the one that had the vet aa's because they have reached their accounts cap for years. They're not as overpowered or good as they once were back in the day with slower xp, etc, but they are convenient and nice to have. So I don't see why they still need to be capped to how many years that account has is how many you can use.
  2. lancelove Augur

    Why cant we get new veterans aa's? Why did the program stop? Too much work? Ive never followed the boards and always wondered why they stopped them.
  3. Hekaton Augur

    It's just like a real marriage anniversary. At a certain point in the union you just stop putting in effort to give cool stuff
  4. Kamea Augur

    Vet AA proposal: Purge Resurrection Effects
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  5. Blurred_Memories Augur

    vet aa proposal: hastened jester re-summon!
  6. Nolrog Augur

    I have been hoping they change this for ages now. Even sent Holly a tweet around the Anniversary date to make that suggestion.
  7. Arcainos Augur

    Why not make new veteran AAs, but tie them to achievement points, vs. years played? That way even new players have a chance at them.
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  8. Battleaxe Augur

    They are Veteran Rewards. Heroic Characters (one could argue that Heroic Characters should be lvl 90 at this point, but that's a largely separate issue), auto AA's, changes that result in a reasonable stat familiar becoming easier to obtain, etc. are considerable character acceleration compared to players that walked through the snow uphill both ways back in the day or players that opt to see more of the game by playing lvl 1-Heroic Character level.

    The main distinguishing features between new player with a new character vs. a long time player with a newer (often alternate) character are general game knowledge (gained by playing the game) and Veteran AA's. IMO Veteran accounts are entitled to these advantages.

    Besides, it only takes 1 year to receive Lesson of the Devoted. Newer players at lower levels benefit from Hotzones (essentially a lesser form of LoTD available all of the time that advanced players do not receive), frequent "double experience" days when advanced players are already max level and max AA (experience stalled) and receive no benefit, they can be and often are power leveled, actually can use drops (frequently advertised as available for the taking on general) that advanced players can at best sell and at worst let rot, etc.

    With one notable exception the rest of the Vet AA's are mostly convenience withe result available by other means - go to a bank, use a permanent augmentation distiller vendor, buy gate potions, get a res (buy a Loyalty Vendor res stick). etc.

    The exception? Sure, IF you are a DPS class essentially once a day vs. one mob you can do darned nice damage that's better than the damage you can do vs. the other 4-10 named mobs you'll be killing the rest of the day. For one mob you'll be exceptional (provided you are already exceptional without using or even having Intensity of the Resolute). Sure even as a Warrior I use it (once a raid day) - it does not transform me from being "not a DPS class" to becoming even for that one encounter to a DPS class. Not even close.

    Too much? Not IMO. IMO there should be a considerable difference between a raw recruit (even one who made it through the 8 week Advanced Infantry course) and a grizzled veteran - even one who is playing (compared to their main toon) a relatively unfamiliar role.

    Want to argue Veteran AA's should not be every toon on an account? My freshly rolled Wizard on the same account as my 15 year experienced Warrior main should not be considered a veteran? I don't like the idea, but I have to admit that it makes sense (other than the fact that SOE chose to do otherwise and made Vet AA's account based). Change things so there are alternatives to putting in the time (on the account if not the toon itself). I'll have to respectfully disagree.

    IF there was a Heroic Path-like set of 8-10 level 90ish tasks that granted Heroic Lesson of the Devoted (with Vet LoTD no longer obtainable), I could feel it was justified. But not 10ish such alternatives to putting in the time nor one alternative like reach level 100 and get them all.
  9. Battleaxe Augur

    Sorry - didn't manage to organize my thoughts in time.

    IF there was a Heroic Path-like set of 8-10 level 90ish tasks that granted Heroic Lesson of the Devoted (sharing a lockout with Vet LoTD for that toon), I could feel it was justified to improve character acceleration for mid/higher level toons on accounts that haven't existed for a year and for toons on accounts that have used up all of their Veteran AA flags. But not 10ish such alternatives to putting in the time nor one alternative like reach level 100 and get them all.
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  10. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Augur

    The only thing I notice with these is that it's not veteran players that get rewarded, it's veteran payers. You could have played since the game came out, but if you unsubbed for any reason, you don't get the rewards, so it's not rewarding you for playing the game over the years, it's rewarding you for paying for the game over the years. Which... may be fine, just something to consider. When the game wasn't FTP, this meant no pay = no play, and reason for veteran made some more sense, now that it's more nuanced with FTP, it's saying that only those who sub deserve the rewards. Again, maybe this is fine, maybe not, all depends on your perspective. But, you could theoretically be a veteran player without being a veteran payer.

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