Producer's Letter: Summer 2019 [Discussion]

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. Gherig Augur

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!! Can't wait !!

    Why is every post hijacked and ruined by the necro/sk train. Seriously can you guys just keep it together in the appropriate threads?
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  2. strongbus Augur

    At this point I be happy if instead of going back and redoing all our dots. they just start fresh with this new exp dots. leave ever dot up to TBL alone. in the new exp give us the new type of dots. Just make them unable to stack with the ones form tbl and lower for the same line.
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  3. Kukaw Elder

    Maybe up the level of Heroic Characters?
    It has been awhile.
    EQ2 has kept up with it. I was wondering if there is a reason why EQ hasn't? I am not crying for this either, just curious is all.
  4. Mitsune Journeyman

    thanks for the bunnies! ️‍
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  5. Brohg Augur

  6. Moege Augur

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  7. Yinla Augur

    When are you going to fix the login servers? They have been down multipul times this month.
  8. Cailen Augur

    LoL at Necros…… you do realize every class that has had their dots revamped...… then got sledge hammered with a nerf bat shortly after so careful what you wish for.
  9. Spellfire Augur

    I'm aware of those nerfs.

    I'm also aware of dps that revamped classes were capable off.
  10. Lheo Augur

    5 more levels, noooooooo (then i have to level up my Buff-Shaman ;( )
  11. ~Mills~ Augur

    Have you seen a single person ask for the mistakes they made with others repeated for necromancers?

    Revamps for others consisted of taking dots they didn't use at all or only used the most current version or 2 exclusively and then multiplied the total of that by 500%. So a class that might have used 1-2 dots with a base of 4,000 damage suddenly had 2 dots that did 20,000 damage total. Or a class that was using 3-5 dots for a total of 15,000 damage suddenly had 3-5 dots that did 60,000 in damage in total. And while they did get the nerf bat each time from the original revamp they are still doing more damage now then they were prior, which necros are not even really asking for.

    Necros have been asking the devs to just reduce the number of dots they cast. So instead of 3-4 spell sets of 17+ dots we get down to 10 casts of dots that do roughly the same damage as before or a little lower to offset the impact having 17 casts now being 10 has. We will take the shorter ramp time and reduction in spells cast for bit off the dot stack total and call it a day. No bonus damage, no timers, no recast delays, no epic changes unless its handled on its own, not drastic re-haul of the class or even dots prior to 110 if thats what it takes to get the number of dots used down to reasonable.
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  12. Nuzak New Member

    So sad the sway DBG has handled epic quest's on tlp i came back to everquest to play on mangler and have given up on epic quest getting done we have an AOC for fear but enchanters and wizard mobs are not put in them and in live same mobs are perma camped here we are on another tlp and still no fix most people ive talked to say this is there last tlp so sad DBG never fixed this issue .
  13. Dythan Augur

    Thanks for this.
  14. Laerkai New Member

    A second expansion in a single calendar year is extremely out of the ordinary; is it going to be full price?
  15. Sancus Augur

    This is the first expansion this calendar year. TBL launched December 11th, 2018.
  16. Thoxsel Augur

    Looking forward to the new expansion - and the new levels!
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  17. Jhenna_BB Augur

    Yay to moar bunnies!
  18. Kattria Minx Augur

    It's June 21, and I can't find my bunnies in the in-game store. Please advise :)
  19. CatsPaws Augur

    Usually this stuff pops up around noon PST
  20. Kattria Minx Augur

    I see! I will check in about 20 minutes then :)

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