Possible to have _Scaled-Levels~ ??

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    I am just again, returning to EQ after playing quite a bit of Eso.
    The scaling of weapon damage/spell damage and Mob HP ~@Certain Level, scales.. so everything no matter where you go is a worthy at least, a formidable opponent..
    It makes the game incredible! People are everywhere and everywhere all the time..

    I doubt Everquest could implement that (scaled levels/wep dmg etc) into the zones, sense given the games orgin is very old and I imagine that requires heavy tech??

    What do you think? Could the game engine system wide insert a formula based on mob hp ~ Player Leveled HP ... idk??
    Do you think this is a good idea? If unable to put in now, it would of been great fun to prolly be experiencing it now in Everquest Next.. Cant believe that happened..

    Still a noteworthy legendary thought, especially for Everquest..
    Everquest has sooo many different zones, everywhere!
    And guess what!!!
    No one ever visits them when it comes outdated! Yeah! Im sure there are plenty of zones in EQ servers that havent had 1 single toon zone into them in over 2 years+ ??

    If you've played ESO ( And I also recently found out Wow implemented this also ) you know what kind of formula im hoping to see..
    Just wanted to mention it, if it hasnt been mentioned already.. EQ would skyrocket with so many NEW players that could explore any content zone regardless of level and still have a challenging/fun time.

    I have to get back to my bed..
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  3. Tazzytu22 Journeyman

    Yea well at least I didn't sleep with Lundberg!!
    Oh and you smell..
  4. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    As a more serious reply, I don't know what this actually accomplishes, especially at the cost of other development, and I don't know that anyone is asking for this or that players would flock to the game because of it. It would introduce a whole host of problems trying to accomplish things at higher levels than the content was intended for -- especially content that is intended to be difficult at appropriate level to begin with.

    I just don't see this as being a good idea.
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  5. smash Augur

    NO, this bad ...
  6. Tucoh Augur

    EQ probably isn't in a state to be revamped in a generic, formuliac way, but I'd love if DBG streamlined whatever zone/mob/items tools they have to release a hardcore heritage type zone every month or three. Throw in the current expansion's loot tables on all the mobs, have some kind of heroic AA bonus for doing hunter on the new mobs and you're done. Doing the traveler achievements for the evolving boots brought me to so many zones that I'd love to spend some time in.
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  7. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Unless they also scaled loot peeps would not be into harder fights in older zones. And with the number of players there really is no need to do this.

    They already had this issue come up when they were scaling everything starting with the call of forksaken expansion and they reversed it. Some people like to go back an finish old content but they don't want new content difficulty. Plus I don't think the scaling went very well.
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  8. Daedly Augur

    They did a similar thing with Marvel Heroes in regards to mobs scaling to level. Absolutely hated it. I never like my character really progressed after the first play through. I love EQ's current format.
  9. Aurastrider Augur

    I would love to see moving forward all zones and content have difficulty levels. They could build the zones based on the easy model and then copy paste for the medium and tune it up and then copy paste the medium for the hard and tune it up. As for gear it would evolve as you progress through difficulty or you would fuse items from one difficulty with another to evolve it. This would be more inclusive of a wider range of players based on skill, play time and overall motivation in game. As for actually making all mobs in game scale I would have to say no. It would pretty much make it impossible to complete a lot of older progression. Can you imagine trying to find a raid force currently to complete POP progression for the artisans prize?
  10. Whulfgar Augur

    I am 100% against anything that takes time and or resources away from a new fresh expansion..

    So please devs.. do not even consider this for more then the length of time it takes to read this thread while taking a duece..
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  11. IblisTheMage Augur

    I would like if certain high profile zones would get a revamped version, say every 6 years.

    For example LGuk. Make a lvl 110 version, and in 6 years, make a lvl 120 as well. Make 10-20 items based on the old lore, maybe a clickie or two as well. Rest of itemization could be a “Standard indoor 110 tier 2”. Keep old models, old zone, etc. Make it a run, so as to re-experience the route to get there, with level selection at zone-in :)

    With 2 of these pr expansion, over a 6 year rotation, we would get 12 zones that continued to be relevant, and a part of the EQ experience, alongside the normal expansions.

    The asumption is that these would require very little effort to build compared to the normal new zones, especially after the first one.

    Candidate zones are Lguk, Seb, Sol, Mistmore, Kedge, Befallen. City of Mist, etc etc
  12. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Please no, pathing in most of those zones is aweful.
  13. Tarvas Augur

    To take an old zone map and strengthen the mobs, attaching new loot, and putting in standard quests would takes the team about four to six weeks. The time would lengthen depending on how many other changes were done.
  14. Thoxsel Djess' Pet Warrior

    New expansions and content over this please. If you want to experience the old zones again for nostalgia just join a TLP server to reminisce. If the team as well as the player pool was twice the size (not going to happen with a two decade old game), I’d entertain this more. But who knows, this could be exactly what they have planned as “new expansions” going forward? Your guess is as good as mine there.
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  15. KermittheFroglok Augur

    I share many of the sentiments about scaled levels not really being a good idea.

    I think new scaling content (e.g. similar to LDoN) would be nice and might help expansion sales, but I think it should start scaling in only a couple ranges/difficulties e.g., 85-100, 100-115. Make the next expac's lowest tier group gear drop in the low-end variants and have that gear req 85 rec whatever level it's really meant for.

    That would definitely help new/returning players feel like they can participate in current content and catch up with just a heroic and expac purchase. Would also give players a smoother gear/leveling transition from the tail-end of the "defiant period" of a toon, 80's can feel weird to some from what I gather.

    Counterarguent could be that's waaaay to generous lol...
  16. Intenso Augur

    or mobs instantly scale to same level as person who agro's it ;p?
  17. Scorrpio Augur

    Horrid idea. I seriously don't want to have to look for a group if I need some bear pelts from Commons. Besides, how is loot to be handled? How are abilities to be handled? How do you scale a lvl 110 with 30K AA and raid gear to lvl 20 vs someone lvl 100 with 11k AA and TBM RoT gear? And this definitely will NOT cause influx of people into EQ. People love going into old zones and doing things that used to require a full raid, by themselves or with a small group.

    However, for the zones that were at some point 'hardcore heritage' (essentially, there already ARE higher level versions of them), I would love those available by choice. I.e. when I zone into Sebilis, or Permafrost or such, I get a popup asking if I want the original or the powered up version - same way as I get asked when using the Oggok PoK portal.
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  18. Tarvas Augur

    I hate this in Oblivion.
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  19. Tucoh Augur

  20. Aurastrider Augur

    This would be exploited to easily just for the sake of farming old crap. Example I want to go farm some low level zone but don't want to clear mobs that are 110ish so I pull out a low level pocket bard, round up some mobs and pick them off with my high level characters. Since the bard got agro first they would be lower level unless there was some kind of mechanism in place that would flip agro. Even then with some high level spells you could pretty much splat the mob before it converted to a high level version thus further increasing the potential for exploitation unless there was some natural HP regeneration or HP lock that prevented higher level characters from doing damage. It seems like way to much work to implement the initial mechanics and even more work to keep people from abusing how they function.

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