please fix ZAM

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  1. complexication Kassina

    The virus thing can be managed if you keep your virus and malware definitions up to date.

    The other alternative is disabling javascript to zameq, it'll prevent the ads from loading (since adblock and ublock both still load their ads) and unfortunately break the ability to use the tabs when you search something, but I don't recommend that. No Ads = No money to deal with hosting and fixing issues = no more zam.
  2. Mance Bojanglez New Member

    Mr McQuaid... first ZAM now the game itself? Sir, I believe this may require an email to your superior.

    Thank you.
  3. svann Augur

    Still down for me. Is there a method to manually clear that in firefox that doesnt involve nuking all pw, cache, cookies, grandmothes, etc?
  4. Khat_Nip Meow

    Try CTRL-F5

    Edit to add: This forces a full refresh of the page disregarding anything that may have been cached previously.
  5. Nniki Augur

  6. Sigpa0s Journeyman

  7. Metanis Bad Company

    Now if more people would sign up for Zam Premium they might be able to afford some better hardware to keep it running. Who knew you needed income to maintain a good web site?
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  8. Numzan Augur

    What the heck, you need to know more.. So much fake news.. oh wait that's a trump thing. Zam networks has nothing to do with EQ, and also has nothing to do with Brad, You need to google more info first.
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  9. svann Augur

    thanks. worked
  10. moogs Augur

    Back in business this morning. Thank you.
  11. Fanra

    Any word on HTTPS? Still hoping you guys can get that. Not using SSL means you get lower Google search results as well as a lack of security.
  12. Gidono

    They'll be moving the site over to AWS soon and when they do, they say they will configure apache with a ssl cert. They were supposed to do that at the beginning of the year but things got pushed back due to other higher priority projects with their featured sites. I've offered to do it myself but they only let in house engineers touch the server side stuff.

    I also passed on the issue of the item tooltip not working on SSL enabled sites, they have an open ticket for it but it's not a high priority to them right now. I haven't heard back on that yet. If I don't hear back on the issue soon I'll tinker with the tooltip myself and test it out on my SSL enabled sites.
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  13. moogs Augur

    Holy cow, it's incredibly slow today. Is it still running on crippled hardware?
  14. Gidono

    We're running a spell update today which uses quite a bit of resources. Other than that, I don't think they have tuned everything on the server and doubt they will considering they'll be moving the site off some where else soon.
  15. Geroblue Augur

    @Gidono, thanks for the hard work. I'm a retired computer tech, and one thing I have always been happy about my jobs is I never had to deal directly with server upgrades. I'm just not into that much pain.