Please explain Legacy XP Bonus to me (Oakwynd)

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  1. Defenestrated Vase Lorekeeper

    Hello all,

    hope you're all having fun on Oakwynd. I am trying to, and to some avail it works. But looking ahead a couple weeks when Kunark hits and we all can gain 10 more levels, I wonder if the grind is worth it at all given the current numbers.

    What I got so far:

    Hit max Level (currently 50) on your first toon to get a 10% XP bonus for your account!
    Repeat up to 10 times to unlock up to 100% XP bonus!

    When a new expansion starts, the bonus is removed and you gotta grind it all out once again.

    Might be just me, but I remeber the grind from 50 to 60 being really awful. Do this 10 times to get back that sweet 100% bonus XP again? No way! Not me at least.

    Maybe just 5 times? Hell, still no for me. Maybe this server isn't for me then. No big deal.

    But yesterday I realized that I get a message like
    "You have gained party experience (with a legacy bonus)!"
    ...even though I do not have a level 50 character yet. But somebody in the group did.

    So what I would like to know is:

    1. Is this message legit? Some people in game said it's bugged and not supposed to be seen by group members. But in fact the bonus seem to have been applied to mob xp for me as well.

    2. Do the legacy XP boni stack when different players have different legacy XP unlocked? And if they do, will it be multiplicative or ancillary? (I imagine only the highest one is being applied.)

    3. Am I dependant on licking the boots of altoholic people and sending them flowers so they love me and I can always be in their 100% legacy bonus XP groups without the need to run multiple alts myself? (I am a 1 to 2 chars person.)

    Third question is kind of facetious but you get the message...

    Thanks for your input folks!
  2. Captain Video Augur

    This message is a known bug. You will only get a Legacy XP bonus based on the progress of your own character(s). Other players in your party may get a legacy multiplier to their share of party XP while you do not, or vice versa. Whatever bonus you may have is only applied on the Oakwynd server, it is not account-wide. While being able to group with strong characters is always a plus in general, it doesn't have any bearing on the calculation of your own legacy XP bonus, if any.

    The system is not expecting people to roll 10 alts in Classic. Itt starts out as a small perk for those who have enough free time to play one or two alts. If your time is valuable, there are many better ways to spend it for the sake of progressing your main. By the time this server is in, say, TSS, there will probably be a small % of players who have made more alts. We'll all have to wait and see what kind of impact this formula has. The bonuses which will unlock as each expansion arrives will prove to be much more significant to your gameplay strategies, I'm sure.
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  3. Bewts Augur

    1. Bug
    2. AFAIK legacy bonus xp is account specific and not shared across group members (neat idea though).
    3. No. Just your own alcoholism and “fun employment” feeding alts to max level in a given expansion.
  4. Muramx Elder

    I feel like a very small % of people will make enough characters for it to be useful. And as expansion go on either people will buy PLs for the next cap on each character or they just won't keep up as it will get harder to find groups with the natural loss of players.

    This was an ok idea on paper, but it's like no one looked at what was going to happen 6 months or a year later.
  5. Servers_are_Down Error 404: Server status not found.

    As earlier stated, the bonus is only based on your account. Disregard the bug, but I completely understand it caused hundreds of people scratching their heads wondering why they randomly are receiving bonus legacy xp..

    If your only reason to level an alt is for the 10% bonus, my advice is to not pursue that decision. The overall incentive for this 'perk' was for people to explore new classes within the same account. People have steered away from alts significantly in previous TLP's due to boxing advantages, but this server is trying to promote alts in multiple ways.

    *nudge nudge* NO TRADE items are now heirloom, so getting a level 50 into PoFear/PoHate is a huge incentive for alts. That gear can be passed onto your alt, level 1. Just my 2-cents :)
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  6. Koshk Augur

    Agree. These LCBs (Legacy Character Bonuses) are just some extra icing for your cake. Their overall impact on gameplay is pretty minimal, unless you stay on the server a long time. And maintain a set of max-level alts.

    None of the other TLPs had these bonuses. So Oakwynd isn't any worse off. It's actually marginally better.

    But these tiny perks probably shouldn't be swaying someone's decision to play there or not. They're just nifty little bonuses, but not especially impactful.
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  7. Defenestrated Vase Lorekeeper

    Thanks all for your helpful answers!
  8. Defenestrated Vase Lorekeeper

    Coming back to my own thread to share fresh (to me) knowledge:

    Contrary to popular believe, the legacy bonus message that people in groups are seeing even though they do not yet have a 50 on their account, is legit. People ARE getting the bonus. It's easy to test and it's actually nice.

    Here's the kicker: The person PULLING the mob has to be someone with legacy bonus unlocked or NOBODY in the group will get ANY bonus at all REGARDLESS if they have a 50 or not. This is so bad I can't even...

    There's some more magic to it with enchanters/bards mezzing/mem-blurring and killing the legacy bonus this way which makes it even worse. I can't fathom why they just did not code

    if account has legacy(1-10) bonus flag --> inflate personal XP gained by X(10-100)%

    or something similar.

    So you want to make sure the person with the highest legacy bonus is the puller which is a hole new can of worms...

    I still enjoy Oakwynd but FTE needs serious fixing or this server will suffer...
  9. Tern New Member

    Any news on this being fixed in any upcoming patches?
  10. TLP Addict Augur

    It's just one part of the overall ruleset.

    One benefit even if you only make one alt of the same class and keep it caught up is you can farm DZ's that your guild would normally not allow raiders to use due to account wide lockouts.
  11. Defenestrated Vase Lorekeeper

    Yes, partly. It's in the test notes in this forum.