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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Cakvala, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Cakvala Augur

    Restarting this thread as once the project is officially lauched during SOE live I will be adding more marketplace items here.

    Here is what ive designed so far.
    Dragon Gaze
    Lions Bane
    Shield of Reign
    Spirit Shield
    Shield of the Mastrum
    Staff of the Mastrum
    Axe of Urnva

    I will have more done that ill be saving for when we can submit them to SOE for approval to be sold in the Station Store, these are the first runs which I am really liking, enjoy! Bit of a passion for me and great experience on the requirements for Everquest makes it challenging to create items that look good with low poly counts.
    My Primary focus for designs are: Wands, Staffs, Axes, Swords and Shields.
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  2. Oakenn Tigerspirit Augur

    you have made more unique shields than we have seen in years. The line design on the Mastrum shield doesn't appeal to me personally but I like the basic design and the molten rock embedded in it.
  3. Iadien New Member

    I like them all except the Shield of the Mastrum, the lines don't look right. Great job!
  4. Candydare Elder

    I agree about the unique look of The Dragon Gaze and Axe of Urnva, I think they are the best innovative creation so far. I would definitely purchase both!
  5. Cakvala Augur

    Can you be more specific which lines, the starburst style rays, the colors I picked or the brush on the metal?

    I am all for feedback, so if you feel something just doesnt look right please let me know! :)
  6. Iadien New Member

    I don't like the rays design at all on the shield, doesn't appeal to me.
  7. Braveheart Augur

    These look great!
  8. Ellyra Augur

    Glad you posted these again! I can't wait to see more.
  9. Rtugok Developer

    Agree. These are great! Keep up the good work.
  10. Tharkis Champion

    I have an ANCIENT copy of 3dsMax that wont run on my computer, does anyone know of a good freeware program that I can do some modeling in? =) I want to make a few things =D
  11. Fenthen Augur

    Those are kinda neat. It's nice to have players doing work for SOE. =)
  12. Numiko Augur

    Very nice work!
  13. Ronthorn Oakenarm Augur

    Nice work they look Great
  14. Pizacatto - CT Augur

    I've been meaning to get down on some of this stuff, but between work, a social life and actually playing, I keep forgetting. You may have inspired me to try and make time!

    Great work!
  15. Caudyr Augur

    I'm with Tharkis. I'm curious about this, I do have a few good ideas of things to do. ;)
  16. Gamanern Journeyman

    You could try Blender which is freeware and regularly updated.
  17. Cakvala Augur

    I use 3D Studio Max 2013 because that what I was educated in for college. But Blender is a great option as well, you will also need the ability to edit 512x512 texture maps so Adobe Photoshop or simular is needed and also the ability to generate the normal maps.

    On average it takes me 2 to 6 hours to finalize a design from start to finish if anyone is curious.
  18. Voodoman Augur

    Put my face on a shield, big seller.
  19. Cakvala Augur

    I dont want to break peoples screens.
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  20. Tegila Augur

    i like the idea behind nearly all of these but they need more polish..or texture mainly. the one people are talking about they dont like the lines on, i like the center piece bc it isnt just flat (and i thought it was a brain at first hehe ) but then the rest really didnt excite me. ill have to look into the studio, been meaning to. that "brain" shield as i called it, could be awesome if you took the theme of the molten rock or bloody brain and went to town

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