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    For the last couple nights I've spent some time up in PoH.(P'Tasa never showed, but I did get my staff from a trash, so yay). With the rework there is a good number of rares there, and the Marsinger range item rewards are fairly decent in era. I figured most folks don't know much about the zone from live, so today I whipped up a guide. All the rares, their drops, and consolidated page for the Marsinger quest, broken down by class type.

    I didn't include any maps as I assume most have an in game map showing the rare's spawn points. And I didn't include anything about the Maestro or Inny raids. I also skipped over a few quest specific mobs, like the one for Natures Defender out of growth, I figure if you are already working on a quest that leads you to Plane of Hate, you don't need my little write up.

    Anyway, have at it -
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