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  1. Croak Augur

    I have just completed Pirates of Timorous Deep on my lv90 group geared toons residing on Fippy.

    There is an existing thread about lv80 balance here

    However I parse everything all the time, and the numbers were strangely familiar.

    The trash had around 1.4M HPs - the same as trash mobs in lv100 Gribbles
    The max hit was just over 10k with max shielding on my 90 SK

    At 5.3kAA my SK is pretty much max defense/offence 5.9KAC (2h) 6.2kAC 1HS. all mod2 max
    Pretty much full T3 HoT which is similar to T1 VoA

    The DPS was between 4k & 6K - pretty much the same as on my lv100 max AA SK on Vox/Test in a mix of CotF & RoF gear, but with half the HPs fully buffed.

    2 healing mercs (balanced + reactive) + epic + carapace, shaman slowed, enchanter crippled still frequently resulted in a iksar pancake.. though I didn't wipe once during the whole mission.

    That is if you count a lone shaman VPing a mob then root rotting it for 8 minutes

    The only way I found to survive trash was shaman slowing on inc, chain casting shaman heals immediately on refresh plus healer merc on reactive, plus some kind of defensive cooldown on SK. Also proactively tapping and using Defy strategically rather than spamming on SK.
    Enchanter cripple wasn't really having much effect on DPS/spikes. I have also spoken to a raid geared tank here on Fippy and he was also experiencing just under 4kdps.

    The mobs have very high attack such that AC isn't really a factor in dampening, nor are attack buffs.

    It is not the DPS that kills but the spikes... I bet a mage pet could tank this easier than my SK.

    2-3 minutes to kill each mob

    [Tue Mar 17 17:05:05 2015] Captain Turek shouts 'Prepare to fire the cannon!'
    [Tue Mar 17 17:05:05 2015] Captain Turek begins to cast a spell. <Fathom Crush>

    [Tue Mar 17 17:05:12 2015] Xibeker is struck by a cannonball.
    [Tue Mar 17 17:05:12 2015] Xibeker has been slain by cannonball target!
    [Tue Mar 17 17:05:12 2015] You are struck by a cannonball. You have taken 24662 points of damage.

    So my pet was the only death on the attempt that resulted in the Captain's death.
    The Captain had the least hps of all mobs and with discs burning the fastest death

    To compare

    Trash 7390 max hit on 0AA naked lv80 warrior
    Shady 6651 max hit on 0AA naked lv80 warrior

    That is beatable in House of Thule gear lv80s - tough luck if you are in SoF or SoD gear on Vulak
    DPS, mob hitpoints and disc cooldowns will still be a major factor.

    Bring out your pets.


    Trash 8730 on lv85monk 27 shielding

    That is like a named in PG underfoot but with 50% more HPs - you will struggle in anything less than T4 UF gear or T1 VoA and even then the mission is only 6hrs max for 32 trash mobs plus named.
    1 mob every 20 mins with SK tank isn't going to get the mission finished.

    I will beat it (for bonus) without additional tuning, but I have a feeling it isn't tuned how it is meant to be, and more casual players will struggle especially on a server like Vulak.

    I suppose if you are not in raid gear go in with a bunch of pet classes and switch in the real toons for the end.

    note: I appreciate the mechanics for this are slightly different than war games, but I still hate it. Wargames I solo/moloed until the final named on my necro then zoned my other toons in.

    I'm a 3 boxer, I play with sound off, particles off. I suppose for this mission I am going to have to make an exception, get gina set up etc.
    But if you were relying on a merc tank... forget it.

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